Things to consider: Choose the best Drupal Firm for your Project

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If you have finalized your decision to build (or revamp) your organization’s website by using Drupal - one of the most flexible, scalable and efficient Content Management Systems in the world - it is now time to make yet another difficult decision i.e. choosing a Drupal vendor to take it ahead.

It must be remembered that every Drupal vendor is different and possesses a unique set of skills and capabilities that is distinctive to their sphere of work. One Drupal vendor may offer a lot more than the other and vice versa; hence, it is important to make the right selection. This can be done by checking a few basic yet important factors:

Skill sets

It is important to understand a vendor’s skill and capability in executing the project in an efficient manner. The Drupal firm you are planning to hire should have enough experience and expertise to manage projects of any size that comes their way, without falling short on any front. A smaller project should be executed with a similar passion as a large one. It would be ideal for your potential Drupal partner to have worked with diverse organizations and proved their worth.




 It is always a good idea to browse the Internet to check the reputation of the Drupal vendor. Make sure you ask for client references along with their contact numbers and it sure wouldn’t do any harm to speak to a couple of clients. Quality work will always leave a trail of satisfied clients and reputation is built by contented customers only. Always check the Marketplace.

Drupal as their strength

If your potential vendor makes the claim of being a “Drupal specialist”, ensure you validate this claim. The Drupal development firm should have a technical team that specializes in the framework and has a strong team comprising of back-end developers, site builders, themers, front-end developers, site architects etc. Since the success of your web development projects rests on the capable shoulders of this team, Drupal should be their specialty than just another business avenue.

Active Drupalers

Drupal is a free and open-source platform and has an active community. If the potential Drupal firm you are considering is relatively active within the Drupal community, they will surely have their organization’s key personnel profile on it. As a customer, you can check the previous projects handled by their team, it's outcome, and the remarks/comments/posts. Also check the modules contributed by the agency.

Maintenance and technical support

The development of the website is not all that your vendor should be capable of, as the website will require regular maintenance and constant update. A professional Drupal development firm will include this crucial factor in the quote/proposal and provide round-the-clock services. A robust customer support team is a prerequisite your organization should look for, and it will become an important aspect in the future.


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