8 reasons why you should use Drupal for your next Website

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Drupal is a free and open-source content management system that runs on PHP. Today, the Drupal community is backed by over a million developers and users. Several high profile websites including the top government websites in the world runs on the Drupal Framework. But why are so many institutions and businesses switching over to Drupal?

Drupal offers the best features and flexibility to build a vibrant website which is safe and secure.

Here are 8 reasons why you should use Drupal for your next website:

Advanced Modules

Drupal boasts of twenty-nine thousand modules and two thousand different themes which give developers numerous options to design very creative and customized website templates for clients. These modules also enhance the performance of the site and do not demand much manual effort from developers.




Advanced and efficient functions such as advanced menu management, polls management, graphics modification tool and user management allow developers to design advanced websites, discussion boards, blogs, social networking pages, etc with ease.

Quick Deployment

Drupal websites can be deployed within a few hours; once the core is installed it provides a hassle-free platform to manage content, images, and to make updates and third party integrations.

Customizable even after deployment

As discussed above, Drupal gives numerous options to customize websites but another unique feature is that such customizations can also be made after the Drupal website has been made live. Therefore, developers can make changes even after deployment as per the client’s needs and feed backs. You can also organize Drupal to save a new version of your pages each time it has been edited so that you have the option to check on old revisions whenever you want.



Best Security

No security issues go unnoticed and unresolved by Drupal’s security team comprising of more than 40 experts which makes it comparatively more secure than any of the other CMS’s. This is pretty obvious if you consider the fact that the website for the White house has been created using Drupal.

Smart Device friendly

With the use of smart devices in every nook and corner of the country, the Internet has become an efficient platform for marketing. Businesses, especially small businesses, are largely benefited from this type of marketing. Keeping this in mind, Drupal allows its websites to be viewed on smart phones and Ipads in the same way as viewed on a desktop.

Advanced Plug-ins

To enhance website building capacities, Drupal offers over 7,000 plug-ins and extensions. Being an open source program, Drupal lets you create your own plug-ins as well.

SEO friendly

Today, search engines are content driven; the more attractive and professional the content, the more are the chances of the websites getting better rankings on search results. Drupal includes SEO Modules such as Page Title, Nodewords, Related Content, Pathauto, Sitemap & XML Sitemap which gives you wide range of options to display content in a search engine friendly manner.

Drupal has been the backbone of several websites that has been developed by Zyxware over the past 9 years. We have had happy clients and seen businesses make great improvements through a Drupal powered website. If you want to know more about our Drupal website development services,please contact us today.