Drupal 6 end-of-life, Drupal 8 takes over
BY Moses Raymond
5 years ago
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Come 24 February 2016 and Drupal 6 will reach its end-of-life and will no longer have active community support. The newly-launched Drupal 8 and Drupal 7 will be the community’s focus and Drupal 6 will not receive security updates which are so important for the functioning of a website. It will also be a prudent move not to launch a new project with Drupal 6 and get stuck with a soon-to-be-obsolete Drupal version.

Considering all the necessary facts, the question you should ask isn’t “Should I upgrade?” but “Should I upgrade to Drupal 7 or 8?” If you are still stuck with Drupal 6, it is inevitable for you to upgrade ASAP to Drupal 7 or 8 after considering your budget. It will be a great idea not to leave this decision to the last moment when Drupal 6 will turn out to be a liability despite having served you loyally for all these years.

If you are an active Drupal 6 user at this stage, here are a few worries that you might encounter:

  • Bug fixing for present projects and new project creation will end on 24 February 2015
  • There shall be no community support for Drupal 6 users
  • Do not expect any security advice or support for Drupal 6
  • All Drupal 6 releases on Project pages shall be un-supported
  • Core commits shall not be available post this date

Key features of Drupal 8

Drupal 8 has been launched with some awesome features and it is worth taking a peek at them:

HTML 5: Drupal 8 has been fortified with the resourceful HTML5; a wonderful ally for mobiles and tablets to be aligned to and that too with minimal changes to the website. The digital world is filled with handheld devices and HTML5 makes a fabulous collaborator for an improved user experience.

Building Multilingual websites: Drupal 8 has a lightning fast interface that is ideal for providing language maintenance alternatives to developers and users, hassle-free customization, and fast site translations.

Excellent Content Management: Drupal developers have been empowered with the option to make administrative changes to the site using a mobile device and without having to access the back-end from a desktop. This gives immense flexibility as the tablet or smartphone has more accessibility and augurs a better user experience.

Introduction of Twig: Known for its flexibility and agility, Twig integration in Drupal 8 has bolstered its security tremendously. Twig also displays better display segregation and logic which enhances Drupal 8’s overall efficiency.

Symphony Framework: This framework allows the loading of necessary modules only on to the page, assuring a superior experience for all users.

For all worried users of Drupal 6, it is worth mentioning here that Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 are equipped with easy-to-switch tools that will free you from a lot of transition hassles. Make the decision to cross-over and reap the benefits of a much superior CMS.

At Zyxware, we are keen to help our clients with this changeover and just one call from you will quickly engage the wheels of change to a much better CMS than before. Connect to us today to know more about our Drupal development services.


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on 02nd July 2008 / by webmaster
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on 02nd August 2012 / by Anoop John
When you want to move a Drupal site from one hosting server to another you have to ensure that the site works the same way on the new server as it used to work on the old server. There is no real fool proof way of doing this other than to meticulously document all the custom aspects associated with setting up the site and verifying it on the new server. The following is a checklist of information you have to collect before you move your Drupal site from one server to another. Drupal Solution Checklist Migration Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

on 22nd August 2012 / by Anoop John
Ecommerce used to be the preferred ecommerce solution for Drupal before Ubercart came into the picture. We recently worked on upgrading a Drupal 5 site with Ecommerce to Drupal 7 with Ubercart. The challenge with this upgrade was that the source data existed only in the D5 database and the corresponding code to programmatically access the ecommerce data was in D5 as well while the destination tables existed only in the D7 database with the corresponding code existing only in the D7 database. The solution we went with was to go for a full SQL query based migration to copy over the Ecommerce data from its tables to the Ubercart tables. Drupal Solution Drupal Upgrade Data Migration Drupal MIgration Ubercart Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *
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