[Drupal] What are the available Drupal settings to improve website performances

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We would have came across many Drupal sites run down into performance issues and we always start blaming the Drupal framework or MySQL queries, PHP versions. You need to debug into the actual cause for the issues rather than pointing on some non-even solutions.

The easiest way to solve a Drupal performances issue is to hand it to the Drupal experts. We can easily sort out the issue with your websites and can provide a wide range of Drupal services to help you maintain and manage your Drupal websites.

Try enable on the below configurations to your Drupal sites for improving the performances:

  • Enable Boost module to the site. Boost module helps to trigger out files from saved pages without actually implementing a single line of code in the server.
  • Activate Page cache and CSS aggregations in the site. Go to admin/config/Performance link and tick aggregate CSS and JS files.
  • Configure views settings in Drupal. Go to Advanced Caching option inside views configuration page, and edit to make caching time based.
  • Use of Memcache module for advanced custom caching in Drupal sites.
  • Hacked modules helps to check on security issues and identifying vulnerabilities.

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