Power at your fingertips: Drupal 8 HTML Initiative

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It would be an understatement to say that the implementation of HTML 5 in Drupal 8 is much-awaited. The introduction of HTML 5 is a big step for the Drupal community, as nowadays, with the proliferation of new-age devices, websites are no longer viewed only on desktops but in mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets.

Similarly, since many users are still stuck on to browsers of the old, Drupal saw this as a challenge and opportunity to make the relevant changes. And, thus was born Drupal 8 with a spanking new look and functionality. HTML 5, as a part of Drupal core, has the following objectives:

  • End users to benefit the most
  • Allow total control to developers for using new semantic elements
  • Enable contributed themes and modules to grow

These changes are bound to help the Drupal user group and benefit them totally:

  • Simplification of style and script elements
  • Making necessary changes for input filters and functions to admit HTML elements
  • Improving accessibility by adding ARIA roles
  • Addition of new semantic elements

HTML5 Semantic Mark-up: In Drupal 8, all core components and themes use HTML5. HTML5 plays an important role in ramping up the website speed, making them accessible and mobile-friendly. The focus on semantics is the key difference between earlier HTML versions and HTML5. Moreover, it is also easy to read at HTML5 tags.

Better results for search engines: It is obvious that good semantic mark-up can bring better search engine results. Large search engines like Google are always in favour of semantic code as reading the code becomes much quicker. The ultimate outcome is that the website rankings increase quickly.

Flash is eliminated: HTML 5 in Drupal 8 is already armed with Video and Audio tags that help to link videos to websites without the use of a flash input. Flash is considered to be an out-dated and dying language, and HTML 5 more than replaces it with better functionalities. Mobile devices need quick and fast audio and video streaming and HTML5 is well-equipped to manage it.

HTML5 possesses greater accessibility advantage and also excels at reading and understanding the code in a much efficient manner than the previous versions of HTML. Besides providing a better user experience for mobile and desktop users, HTML 5 also brings mobile, web, and native applications together.

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