Going gaga over Drupal: Why Drupal is the favoured choice of marketers?

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Did you know that Drupal has been the content management system (CMS) for a lot of popular organizations and companies across the world such as the White House, Al Jazeera, The Economist and World Economic Forum? Drupal provides a flexible platform for creating innovative and vibrant community web portals, personal websites, eCommerce sites, social networking sites, newsletters and a lot more with absolute ease. Moreover, it comprises extremely powerful modules that can be used for building large, complex sites, and it's the best platform that exists today for SEO.

Here are a few reasons why marketers love Drupal:

It is free: Free goodies are something that attracts the attention of people all over the world, so why would marketers be any different? Drupal doesn’t charge any download fee; you can modify and make any changes to your site without spending a penny. This means you can save on your marketing costs.

Security: Security is the major concern for all online businesses. No security issues go unnoticed and unresolved by Drupal’s security team comprising more than 40 experts. This makes it comparatively more secure than any of the other CMSs. This is pretty obvious if you consider the fact that the website for the White house and London.gov.uk have been created using Drupal.

Gets along with smart devices: With the use of smart devices in every nook and corner of the country, the Internet has become an efficient platform for marketing. Businesses, especially small businesses, largely benefit from this type of marketing. Keeping this in mind, Drupal allows its websites to be viewed on smart phones and ipads in the same way as viewed on a desktop.

Can be customized even after launch: Drupal gives numerous options to customize websites. However, another unique feature is that such customizations can also be made after the Drupal website has been made live. Therefore, marketers can execute marketing strategies even after the deployment of the site. Thus, the process of changing or adding content such as blog posts, video, images etc is much simpler.

Drupal websites are SEO-friendly: Today, a website is the foundation of every business. So, it becomes very crucial to attract maximum visitors to your website. As you might already know, search engines are content driven; the more attractive and professional the content, the more are the chances of the websites getting better rankings on search results. Drupal includes SEO Modules such as Page Title, Nodewords, Related Content, Pathauto, Sitemap & XML Sitemap which gives you wide range of options to display content in a search engine friendly manner. So in short, your business reaches out to a larger target audience.

Advanced functionalities: Efficient functionalities such as Advanced menu management, Polls management, Graphics modification tool and User management allows you to build sophisticated websites with discussion boards, blogs, social networking pages, etc with perfect ease.

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