How to create Access Token of Twitter App

| | 1 min read

To make API requests we need access token own account's behalf. I will show you how to get your Access Token of Twitter App by some easy steps.

  • Go to the path
  • If you already have a twitter account you can sign in to the account otherwise sign up and create a new twitter account.
  • Go to the path
  • Now we are into Twitter’s app website. We can also enter into this website by clicking 'manage your apps' in the footer of the Twitter Developers site.
  • Create a New Twitter App
  • To create a new twitter App click 'Create a new application' button.It will redirect into app registration form.
  • Fill App registration form
  • App registration form contains fields like Name(It must be unique), Description, Website and Callback URL
  • After filling the form, click the "create your Twitter Application" button. Now your twitter APP is created.
  • Create your Access Token
  • We now need to authorise the Twitter app for your Twitter account. To do this, click the 'Create my access token' button.Now access tokens are created.

If you face any difficulties while implementing, please let us know. Also, you may look into other solved issues related to Drupal tokens over here.