[Drupal] How to Migrate from ubercart to Drupal Commerce

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When looking for Drupal native e-commerce carts its limited to two packages Ubercart and Commerce. Ubercart is the long leading one and Commerce is the new one, but developed for drupal 7. Commerce is a bit complex when compared with Ubercart but it offers more features like shipping, inventory control etc. And another issue with Ubercart stores who want to upgrade to Drupal 7 is, lot of Ubercart contrib modules weren't being upgraded to 7. So the solution is Commerce.

We can migrate a ubercart site to Drupal commerce through Commerce Migrate Ubercart. Commerce Migrate Ubercart is submodule of Module Migrate. Before installing Commerce Migrate Ubercart you should install Migrate Module.

Migration Steps:

  • Install and enable Commerce Module to your site.
  • Delete all default product type. Go to “admin/commerce/products/types” and delete the “product” content type.
  • Install and enable Migrate, Commerce Migrate Ubercart and Migrate UI modules.
  • Configure the import options by entering the required information at admin/content/migrate/ubercart_migration_options, including the source database and filesystem locations. By enabling the option “user ownership should be mapped” you can keep the user relationship with products.
    Run the CommerceMigrateUbercartProductType migration at admin/content/migrate, which will create migrations for products and product display nodes.
  • Run the rest of the migrations, probably in this order: Customer Billing Profile, Product, Node, Order, Line Item.

Product attributes should be added as separate fields.

Please read the README.txt for the 7.x-2.x branch and all the details on this page. There are specific requirements for setup before a migration.

Ref: https://commerceguys.com/blog/first-look-commerce-migrate-ubercart-scre…

A successful ubercart vendor, who want to migrate to Drupal 7 or who need some extra features to his store can migrate his existing store to Commerce by following these simple migration steps.