How to integrate Stupeflix API with Postman Extension

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Stuplefix is an API for automated video generation. Stupeflix accepts photos, music, videos, maps and text in the form of XML. XML passed along with other input parameters to Stupeflix cloud API for creating video. Stupeflix also allows us to create audio, thumbnail, upload to facebook, youtube tumblr etc. where as Postman extension is a chrome web browser extension for making calls to the Stupeflix API.


For using stupeflix API, the API offers its customers with a free account and a premium account.

Lets get started by creating an account

Postman Extension

As Postman RestAPI extension is a chrome extension. It acts as a third-party for Stupeflix and the XML we create. Postman helps us to make complex requests to API, then view its results in a promising and beautiful way.

Steps to install Postman extension,

  • Go to, click on download.
  • You would be navigated to chrome web store, click on +INSTALL button and you are on.
  • Now lets confirm whether the extension installed or not under chrome://extensions/. Make sure checkbox next to enabled checked.
    As it is a chrome extension, recommended to use chrome browser.

Integrating Stupeflix API with Postman extension.

Follow up the steps to integrate Stupeflix API with Postman extension.

  • Download postman example collection from…
  • Now launch Postman, click on Collection tab, then on Import Collection button, finally copy this link and import.
    The download has a many pre-defined functions like video.create, etc.
  • To run one of these pre-defined functions, in the postman tab, under collections, find Stuplefix API.
  • Expand Stuplefix API, it will list a number of pre-defined functions.
  • For testing I would recommend you to click on video.create from the list.
  • On clicking, it will automatically load the normal tab. Select POST as the form method.
  • To the right, you'll see URL params, click on it.
  • To the very bottom of the URL, Add Authorization as the URL parameter key and value shall be prefixed by the string Secret,
    with a white space separating the two strings. eg., Authorization secret 12cv365b6536GF3657g56
  • Click on send.
  • You will get the output just below the button in JSON format.
  • If the status is success, you have successfully implemented the feature, if error is the result, something went wrong.
    Find the reason behind it here…

Postman extension will give a better UI for interpreting the results from Stupeflix API. Stupeflix comes a handful to automate video generation, its integration with postman extension makes it more valuable with its UI. Here is a complete documentation on how to pass the input parameters, method to call etc.