[Drupal] How to Install New Themes for your Drupal website

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If we create a drupal website and if we are trying to add a new theme for the website from the themes available what to do ? The first thing is to find a suitable theme for the website as per the requirement of the site. Before searching for a new theme we need to do certains things, try to sketch out the general layout of the new site. There are few thing we need to give some importance.

  • What kind of menu the site is using whether it is using horizontal menu or not.
  • How you are going to design the header of the website.
  • What all side bars are there inside your website, may be contains both left and right site bar.
  • Will also need to conside the footer and, if so, does the footer span the entire width of the page?
  • Whether the site need a responsive theme or not.

There are various websites having drupal themes available. The given below are the some of the site having themes available

From any of the above website or we can search in internet for other sites having drupal themes available.

Download any of the theme which properly suiting for the website you created and check whether before downloading it most suited version for the drupal version.

Extract the files from the compressed .tar.gz from and paste the theme folder downloaded inside the /sites/all/themes folder

For getting a better understanding about the theme you download please read the README.txt inside the themes folder.Check whether the theme has any particular instruction for the proper functionality before enabling the theme as the theme for our site.

How to enable a theme which you downloaded ?

Go to administer > apperance > themes. Check the 'Enabled' box next to the theme.

There is option to set it as default theme.Check the set as default link to make this the chosen theme for your site.

Click the 'Save Configuration' button at the bottom.

There is an option for setting the theme as administator theme also.

check on the dropdown box and select the theme as the admin theme also