[Drupal] How to test Pathauto module functionality in a Drupal website

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When you test a Drupal website , most of the time you come across the task "Implement Pathauto module" in you website. So before you start testing, you have to build an idea of what is Pathauto module and how you can test it. Pathauto, as its name suggests automatically generates user friendly URLs. Pathauto depends on the core module path, which is used to rename URLs. So please go through the explanation below to understand it more precisely.

Pathauto module is implemented for generating friendly URLs for your contents such as nodes, taxonomy terms, users etc. This is generated automatically. This allows you to create URL aliases like /category/your-node-title instead of /node/1. These aliases are based upon a "pattern" system that uses tokens which the administrator can change. The modules enabled are Pathauto and Tokens.

Cases to be tested

  1. Check whether the url of the content is like /category/your-node-title instead of /node/1 while creating content.
    How to test this?
    • Click content--> Add content
    • Create any of the content where pathauto module is applied.
    • Check whether the url is created as such as website/node/2.
      (ie node/2 will be replaced by the pattern)
  2. Check the above case for all the contents.
  3. Check whether the url displayed is same for all users.

Hope this article helps you to test the function more clearly. Happy testing.