[Drupal 7] How to integrate ubercart with taxcloud in drupal7.

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In one of our Drupal projects which sells products online, our clients requirement was to collect tax from some states and to exempt other states from tax collection. We implemented this by integrating taxcloud account with ubercart using uc_taxcloud module. Read on to know how we implemented this.

TaxCloud is basically a sales tax service for online retailers. We integrated taxcloud account with ubercart using uc_taxcloud module. For uc_taxcloud to work, an usps account for your site should be created.

Follow steps below to integrate taxcloud with ubercart.

  • Enable uc_taxcloud module.
  • Add an extra field "TIC Code" to the product content type. Its machine name must be field_tic_code of type "Text" with "Text field" widget. Set it as non-required field.
  • Add this field to all the product classes in your site.
  • You can set different TIC codes for each product by editing the product and selecting the desired code form the select list.
  • Configure taxcloud modules settings in admin/store/settings/uc_taxcloud.
    • Set "Default Taxability Information Code" which is to be applied when no specific TIC is appiled for products.
    • Set "Shipping Taxability Information Code" that is to be used while shipping. This is usually set as 11010.
    • Enter "Taxcloud API ID" and "Taxcloud API KEY" for your site obtained while creating taxcloud account.
    • Enter "USPS ID".

Ensure that the store address is set in the store configuration.

Test your configuration by adding some products to the cart and setting real delivery (shipping) address on checkout page. You'll find a "Taxes" line item with tax.

Ensure that php soap client module is enabled in your server.