[Drupal] How to create a sandbox account in PayPal ?

By | 01 st Jul 2013 | 2 min read

Recently PayPal changed their policies and creating a sandbox account was a bit confusing for me, when I wanted to test my ubercart site. However, I created one and thought of writing about it in case some one needs it. So, here it goes.

We can manage a PayPal account as well as sandbox account at the same time. We can create either a personal or business account to create a sandbox account. This article may help you to create a sandbox account to test your PayPal payment methods. Logging-in with PayPal, provides a single, secure solution to verifying identity. You no longer have to remember a second login for the Developer site.

Creating a PayPal account

  1. Go to PayPal.com an click signup.
  2. Create an account with your details. You don't need to enter bank/card details when you want only a test account.
  3. Now go to developer.paypal.com and login with you existing PayPal account.

To get your test API key

  1. Go to Applications » sandbox accounts.
  2. Here you can see one account which was created by PayPal. But to create a working sandbox account to test some payment method you need to create business (merchant account).
  3. To create a new sandbox account click on "Create Account" in sandbox accounts tab
  4. Select account type as Business (merchant account). See the image below.
  5. creating-account.png

  6. Give email, password and name. You need this details to check your order details.
  7. leave PayPal balance as blank. Do not add any amount over there.
  8. Next select any credit card type and press create account button

Same way you can create a buyer account also. Note that here you have to select Personal (buyer account) option. Once you create a buyer account go to profile then funding, here you can see you card details. You can use these details to test a purchase in your website.

To see your API credentials you can go to sandbox accounts » click on you email address » profile » API credentials. This is the API key that we have to save it in our website.


If you want to see your buyer card details, go to your buyer account » profile » funding.

Once you test your payment with your website, to see your order details in PayPal click on sandbox site link under the merchant account. Here login with your merchant username and password. Click on "All account activity" link.


Hope this helps some of you.