[Drupal 6] How to unzip a zipped file from within Drupal?

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In one of our Drupal projects we were requested to create a Drupal module through which you could upload and extract a zip file and store the extracted files into the files directory in the Drupal site. If you are faced with the same task and wanted to know how to unzip a zipped file from within Drupal.

Simply follow the steps below for extracting and storing the zip files from within Drupal.

  1. Upload the zipped file using a Drupal CCK field attached to the content type.
  2. Implement a callback function while inserting or updating the node form.
  3. Extract the zipped file into a temp folder
  4. All the extracted files in temp folder should be copied to a 'flash' folder in sites/default/files path.
  5. Finally remove the temp folder.

Have a look at the above steps implemented in the code below.

function hook_nodeapi(&$node, $op, $a3 = NULL, $a4 = NULL) {
  if ($node->type ==[content_type]) {
    if ($op == "update" || $op == "insert") {
      $return = hook_unzip_file($node->field_upload_theme_file[0]['filepath'], 'flash');

// The extracted file save to 'sites/default/files/flash' folder.

function hook_unzip_file($file_path, $op) {
  $zip = new ZipArchive();
  $res = $zip->open($file_path);
  if ($res === TRUE) {
    if (!is_dir(file_directory_path() . "/temp_". $op)) {
      mkdir(file_directory_path() . "/temp_". $op, 0777);
    $zip->extractTo(file_directory_path() . "/temp_". $op . "/");
    $dh = opendir(file_directory_path() . "/temp_". $op);
    while (FALSE !== ($obj = readdir($dh))) {
      if ($obj=='.' || $obj=='..'||$obj=='__MACOSX') continue;
      if (is_dir(file_directory_path() . "/temp_". $op . "/" . $obj)) {
        if (!is_dir(file_directory_path() . "/" . $op)) {
          mkdir(file_directory_path() . "/" . $op, 0777);
        // copy the files from temp file to original folder
        // remove the temp directory
    return TRUE;

Hope that was helpful in your Drupal module development. If you have any doubts regarding this article or simply use the comments box below.


  1. ZipArchive::extractTo
  2. ZipArchive::open