[Drupal] Top 5 Drupal books for Drupal webmasters

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Drupal is neither rocket science nor designed for developers alone. Any person without technical knowledge and programming skills can build and maintain a Drupal website or multiple sites quickly with little effort. There are a number of books which lets users get in touch with the basics of managing Drupal. We have listed out the Top 5 Drupal books for Drupal webmasters. Also checkout our list of the Top 3 Drupal books for Drupal Developers. If instead you want somebody else to do all the managing part you can hire us to manage your drupal website

Beginning Drupal 7

Beginning Drupal 7

Beginning Drupal 7 was written for nontechnical users of Drupal websites. It gives the reader in depth information on why they should consider using Drupal and what Drupal is all about. In addition to that, Beginning Drupal 7 covers the fundamentals like installing and configuring Drupal, managing content, users and modules. The book also covers more advanced topics on using themes, panels and Drupal views. All in all this is a must have book for webmasters who like to get a taste of Drupal.

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Drupal 7 Bible

Drupal 7 Bible

Drupal 7 Bible is yet another Top Drupal book for webmasters. It presents all the information related to building and managing Drupal websites in a lucid format. With detailed tutorials accompanied by illustrations and graphics this book provides all the information related to the basics of managing Drupal and advanced topics like multilingual content management, workflows, views and panels.

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Using Drupal

Using Drupal

Using Drupal was designed to let you take full advantage of the vast ecosystem of modules available in Drupal to create community driven websites. The book contains a number of case studies for specific instances of a Drupal website like a wiki, a photo gallery, an online store and so on. Each chapter of the book is dedicated to a particular case study with coverage of the key modules used and step by step by instructions on building the precise functionality required by the project.

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Building Powerful and Robust Websites with Drupal 6

Buidling Powerful and Robust Websites with Drupal 6

The book was authored by David Mercer who has considerable experience in building Drupal based websites. He uses a friendly and engaging style that is targeted at novice users who are not at all familiar with PHP, MySQL or HTML to allow them to get started with designing and building a Drupal based website and quickly advances them in managing it like a pro.

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Drupal for Dummies

Drupal for dummies

Drupal for Dummies is perfect for persons who have little idea on what Drupal is all about. The book contains easy instructions on how to setup up a site, apply templates, use modules presented in a fun, easy and fast format for first time users. It is designed to remove the mystery behind this amazing piece of software which is considered by many to be complex and show that Drupal is really a free, open source and easy to use Content Management System.

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