GNU / Linux Training based on Ubuntu at Santhigiri Ashram, Trivandrum

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Zyxware Technologies conducted a series of GNU/Linux workshops on Free Software Tools, as part of the Free Software training imparted to the Staff of Santhigiri Ashram. Santhigiri Ashram at Pothencode, Trivandrum is an Ashram pursuing the cause of a spiritual awakening in society. As part of this pursuit,Santhigiri Ashram runs a range of institutions across the country including schools, hospitals, colleges, Ayurveda stores and many more. We were invited by Santhigiri Ashram to conduct a set of GNU/Linux workshops for the staff of their institutions. They had identified Ubuntu as the platform for the training.

Zyxware conducted multiple batches of GNU/Linux workshops with Introduction to OpenOffice and other Free Software tools for selected staff of Santhigiri Ashram. Special focus was given to the three OpenOffice applications, viz. OpenOffice Writer, OpenOffice Calc and OpenOffice Impress, and GIMP. The participants were also introduced to some of the power tools in OpenOffice Calc like pivot table, data validation and logical functions. We also demonstrated the configuration and usage of typing in Malayalam in Ubuntu.

It was a wonderful opportunity for us to take the idea of Free Software to them and familiarise them with some of the Community Developed Software. Many were being exposed to Ubuntu and Open Office for the first time in their life.

The following was the syllabus around which the training was conducted.

  1. Getting started with Ubuntu
    • Introduction to Hardware and Operating System (OS)
    • Menu
    • Introduction to System Tools
    • File manager (File Structure, Hidden Files, Mounting and Unmounting USB, Bookmarking Folders, Location Finder)
    • Package Manager (for installation of applications)
    • Searching for Applications and Files and Folders
  2. Connecting to Internet/Network
    • Broadband (if required)
    • Using Network Manager
  3. Introduction to Office Applications
    • OpenOffice Writer, OpenOffice Presentation, OpenOffice Draw, OpenOffice calc
    • Using Malayalam in computer
    • Saving in different formats (Images and Documents)
    • Printing (Changing Resolution, Grey Scale, Reducing Size)
    • File sharing via ssh
  4. Desktop sharing
  5. Ubuntu and Internet Applications
  6. Email Client
  7. Browsers
  8. Instant Messenger(pidgin, empathy etc.)
  9. Installation of OS (Demo)