Ubuntu Intrepid Repositories (Intrepid Ibex 8.10 7 DVD set) available at RequestCD

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Two months after the release of Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex, we have downloaded the complete Ubuntu Repositories for Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex. The full set of Ubuntu Repository DVDs (set of 6 DVDs) is now available and you can order it through our RequestCD Program. If you get the complete Ubuntu Repository on DVDs you do not have to have an internet connection to install any package that is normally available through Synaptic Package Manager.

To see how to set up the repositories on your local machine please check the instructions given along with the previous article we had published about the availability of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon Repositories on DVDs. If you have multiple ubuntu machines on a network you can also set up an apt-cacher server in your network and then import the packages in the repositories into the apt cacher server. If you use apt-cacher you can also import the complete set of packages using the import tool in apt-cacher (/usr/share/apt-cacher/apt-cacher-import.pl). Make sure that you have at least 25GB of free space to set up the repositories on your machine. Alternatively, if you don't have that much disk space, you can decide to keep the content on the DVDs and then use the DVDs when you need to install anything from them. You must remember to put the DVDs and run sudo apt-cdrom add to add the repositories to /etc/apt/sources.list.

Happy Ubuntuing :-)