LightScribe - A new technique to burn your disk and create your own custom labels.
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When we burn CD/DVD, we name them either using adhesive stickers or markers. Now we do not require any of these. The new technology is called LightScribe. LightScribe Direct-Disk-Labeling is a new optical media recording technology using which we can burn labels directly onto specially coated recordable optical media (CD and DVD) and create our own custom labels.

This technology uses special LightScribe disk writers and specially made CD/DVD. It will allow users to create custom made direct-to-disk labels. These labels are laser-etched and so there is no ink, no smudging and no peeling stickers.

What do you require?

As mentioned above, special hardware, software and media are required for this.
. Hardware - A LightScribe-enabled optical disc writer.
. Software - A LightScribe-supported software.
. Media - LightScribe-specific discs with special coating.

How to do it?

Burning the CD/DVD media is the same as any other. After burning, you need to flip the disc as the printed on the non-writable, non-glossy part of the disc. Using LightScribe-specific software, select the custom made image or from existing images and you can write it on to the disc. The discs will be adorned with very attractive gray-scale images which are similar to black and white photography.

LightScribe is originally the registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard (HP) Development Company.

LightScribe-specific discs are coated with a dye that chemically change when it absorbs infra-red laser light. LightScribe-enabled CD/DVD writers contain a special laser (780nm). When this laser beam falls on the thin dye coating on the label side of the disc, it causes a chemical change in the die coating that shows up as a visible point on the disc. With laser precision, the closely controlled laser beam scribes the desired image on to the surface of the spinning disc. The result is a high resolution reproduction of your own custom made artwork, text or photos on your discs.



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Srikanth (not verified)
access_time 30 Nov 2020 - 14:53

How to recognise a LIghtscribe enabled DVD?
Earlier for CD's we used cdrecord -atip command to get info.
WHat to use for getting this info?


LightScribe, as discussed above, is a technique using which you can print your own custom made labels and pictures on to the non-burning side of specially made CD or DVD media. The only difference is that these new media will have a special dye coating which enables the image to be laser-etched on to its surface. LightScribe enabled media (CD/DVD) are available in the market. You will have to ask for them.