When to buy a laptop and when not to?

May 02, 2007 - 10:30

Computer prices have dropped almost 80% over the last 5-6 years. From around 50-60 thousand rupees for an entry level system, prices have gone down to around 13k-15k. Parallely laptop prices have also been going down proportionately. However laptops are still being tiered, though in the lower rungs, in the luxury item range. This is reflected in the premium people are being made to pay when buying a laptop. Inspite of this, the laptop market is a booming market and more and more people are considering a laptop as their first computer. As with any growing market there is an opportunity for businesses to exploit the lack of information available for the customers. Through this analysis we would like to present before you aspects you have to consider before deciding to buy a laptop

Do you really need a laptop?

  1. Do you travel a lot and does your work require you to access information or applications from your personal computer?
  2. Do you travel a lot and do you have to access internet while you are travelling?
  3. Do you carry your office work back from home or the other way round a lot? Do you require more than just the files which you can carry on a thumbdrive?
  4. If you donot use the internet as part of your work and if you carry your work between your office and home, then do you use any other application other than a document editor (eg: OpenOffice Writer/Microsoft Word) or a presentation editor (eg: OpenOffice Impress / Microsoft Powerpoint) or spreadsheet editor (OpenOffice Calc / Microsoft Excel) as part of your work?
  5. Does your work require you to conduct presentations/seminars in different locations?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions then you probably require a laptop. Even otherwise in some specific situations a laptop becomes a more apt choice than a desktop. Say for example you are a small business owner and you would like to go for a business meeting with a friend. It would be much more advantageous to have a laptop which would be much more convenient. You should not buy a laptop just because someone else told you that it is much more comfortable to use. On the contrary a desktop is actually much more comfortable for working for longer stretches. You should not buy one just because your friend has one. An apt statement here would be - "We have no authority to use more than what is required at minimum cost be it energy, materials, or money", Laurie baker. Just because you can afford to buy a laptop you dont need to buy one. Advantages of a laptop over a desktop

  1. Mobility - You can work from anywhere
  2. Single profile - Single profile and environment at all places where you work
  3. Higher Security - You are the only one who has access to your system.
  4. Easier for Presentations - You dont have to worry about compatibilities if you carry your laptop

Advantages of a desktop over a laptop Cheaper - No luxury premium in the cost

  1. Lower price performance ratio - You can get a PC at almost half or less for any comparably powerful laptop
  2. Easier to use - Keyboard and mouse bigger and easier to use
  3. Larger Screen Sizes - You can have a desktop with even 21" monitors
  4. Flexibility in components - You can customize a desktop computer with just the components you require
  5. Longer warranties.
  6. Lower cost of maintenance.

We will never force you to buy a laptop. We normally discuss with our customers their requirements and identify if they require a laptop for efficient operation. Drop by our office or give us a call at 0471-4063818 and we can help you identify if you really need a laptop or not. This is a free consultation with no obligations.

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These types of ideas are really good. Sometimes people get confused or even get too much dreamer about buying laptop, they don`t know even if they need it or not. They things that, laptop will make me so much important among many.. all people will look at me… i will be boss among them. Specially the underaged pupil thinks such type of thing.

I got my acer last year. That time a good lowlevel laptop used to cost 35k.
I could see that now it has become 25 k.
Given a choice I would go for a laptop plus a PC :)
Next time when I think of upgrading mine, will contact you. I think i shud be looking for a tablet PC.
I believe the best aspect about buying from a local vendor is the service.
You can never get the same when you buy it directly from the international vendor.

One other convenience of a laptop is its mobility inside your home. With a laptop and a wireless connection you are not restricted to just one room. You can check mail while watching tv, or even take it to your bedroom. Also they occupy less space of your table, clutter free and can be locked away in a cupboard. If you are not looking for raw computing power/perfomance and if you can afford one, laptops are better choice.

It is refreshing to see an honest and frank statement from a business house. It shows you have ethics and courage to back your principles.

When i do buy a laptop, it would be from you!

I need to find a good lop top with great specification and complete set such as dvd writer, 4 usb port, 500gig, can get a source of wifi with in 36feet or higher etc. I really need a lop top because I'm spending my Holiday in Guatemala and when I'm there I can use the lop top to communicate with my crew in my business.