Updating Email Contact Properties for HubSpot in PHP

| | 1 min read

Here we will see how we can update the HubSpot contact by using PHP code, if we know only the contact's email.

So let's suppose we have a contact [email protected] and we have properties such as phone no, premium, amount and we want to update it from our PHP script.

$email = "[email protected]";
$url = HUBSPOT_API_URL . "/contacts/v1/contact/email/" . $email . "/profile?hapikey=" . HUBSPOT_API_KEY;
$phoneno = 9999112233;
$premium = "YES";
$amount = 5000;
$properties = array();
$properties['properties'][] = array('property' => 'phoneno', 'value' => $phonene);
$properties['properties'][] = array('property' => 'premium', 'value' => $premium);
$properties['properties'][] = array('property' => 'amount', 'value' => $amount);

The $url contains the URL to send the request and $properties contain the structured way of the request body which HubSpot accepts.

Now we can request this data using any platform, curl, drupal_http_request or simple HTTP REST.