Allow specific roles to publish and unpublish content with Drupal Publish Content module

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The Drupal Publish Content module is a simple module that provides you additional permissions to allow users to publish or unpublish content without having to give the user the ability to administer all the content on your site. This module is a lightweight solution to help you build out your content management workflow on your Drupal site. The module also adds some additional features such as:

  • A publish/unpublish menu tab or action link for your content.
  • A publish/unpublish link that can be used in views to create a customized publishing workflow.

Download the module from drupal. org, After enabling the module Go to Structure -> Content Types then edit each content type that should work with this module. Tick the "Enable publish content" tickbox under the publishing options and save.

Then go to the people->permission page to set various  permission that needs for the particular user and set the following permissions

  • publish any content
  • publish editable content
  • publish any 'nodetype' content
  • publish own 'nodetype' content
  • unpublish any content
  • unpublish editable content
  • unpublish any 'nodetype' content
  • unpublish own 'nodetype' content

The publish content module allows any user to publish/unpublish content without the privilege of administrator.