As the name suggests, this client is all about arts. Wrapped and available in a single platform. For art lovers all over Britain. Artswrap is a site dedicated to discovering the finest cultural events in Britain. It is a constantly updated repository of information related to a wide variety of events in arts such as different kinds of visual arts (painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, and design), stage performances (drama, comedy, musical, etc), dance shows (contemporary, ballet, traditional), operas, rock shows, jazz, etc. This site proves to be a treasure trove for people looking to find information on different shows happening, how to attend them, review and rate shows, pass comments, etc.

The Engagment

When the site came to us initially, it had completely crashed and was not functional. We worked with them to bring the site back up and functional. The work was done offering maximum flexibility to the client. Zyxware had no prior knowledge about the site and it was an alien environment to suddenly plunge into. It was after the initial emergency was resolved that the client felt they could trust Zyxware with the work and finally got into a formal working relationship. Qualities displayed like responsiveness to emergencies, ability to identify pain points in an existing implementation to solve immediate problems, willingness to put our trust in the client without signing on the dotted line, etc helped build a mutual relationship of trust.

Upon further analysis on the site, we found out that the reason for the site to crash unexpectedly was because someone had accidentally cleared all the node_revision tables resulting in total data loss. This is where the node's content is present and there was no backup to restore the data from. Data was loaded from CSV files initially which the client had with them so we figured out where each of this data would go and loaded the data from the files into the site. Doing this we were able to get the server up without delay, loading the data from the backup, and start a conversation around how to efficiently maintain a backup system to avoid this in the future. Up until now, everything we did was before the formal working relationship was initiated. We were only more than happy to help them get into firmer grounds and lay a strong foundation for the relationship.

One of the things that we did for them was an Affiliate Marketing System that had tie-ups with Amazon, eBay,, hive, etc. This proved to be a revenue generator for the site.

This has been a steady client for us and we are happy to work with them.