What is TestLodge?

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TestLodge is a test management tool that is used to store information such as how testing is to be done, plan the testing activities and report the status of quality assurance activities. It has reasonable price plans and can be used owning to its simple interface and its non-complexity.

The system focuses on the creation and maintenance of test plans, map the requirements, execute the test cases, and generating reports based on the results. It offers the following features to the users:

  • TestLodge allows the creation and maintenance of test plans.The test plans can either be built from beginning or from the template that TestLodge provides.
  • It allows mapping requirements against the test cases.
  • It allows entering a title, description, test steps and expected result for each test case.
  • After creating the test cases TestLodge provides a clear interface that guides the tester through each test one by one.

TestLodge provides a simple interface for testers to manage the test process and thereby making their work easy. It helps to avoid the trouble of using multiple applications also.

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