[Drupal] How to popup a webform on menu click?

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In one of my project, I have a requirement to show the form elements as a popup window on clicking a menu link. I have created the form using the Drupal webforms. I want to make this webform available as a popup window on click of the corresponding link. Drupal popup module helps to meet this requirement.

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Required modules for Drupal popup are :

Configuration :

  • Create form to be appeared on popup using webform.
  • From advanced options set this webform to be available as block by clicking the check-box.
  • Go to blocks section Structure > Blocks and add the block to a region, save it .
  • Configure the block.
  • From visibility settings check the popup block .
  • Check the check box to get the block available as popup form.

Now your webform will be available as the popup form. Just create a menu for this to execute in your site. To clear your valuable doubts, click here.

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