[Drupal] How to configure Media module for Drupal

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Media module offer an extensible framework for managing files and multimedia assets, regardless of whether hosted on your own site or a third-party site - it is commonly called as a 'file browser to the internet'.


  • Download and enable media module.
  • Set up the configuration at, admin/config/media/browser.


  • After installing, you will have a 'widget type' called 'Media file selector' while adding field type File/Image.
  • Create a field type Image with widget type as Media file selector, then you could see all the media files uploaded while uploading or editing the existing media.
  • Important note: Download and enable jquery update module. Configuration at admin/config/development/jquery_update
    Set the 'Alternate jQuery version for administrative pages' as '1.5' otherwise the library option provided by media module will not work.