What is Trimage Image Compressor

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Every one likes an eye-catching website, a websites with lot of images, sliders, animations and so on. For me sure I'm going to come out with a colorful site with some information over a content filled website. There is a saying 'A picture is worth a thousand words'. If that picture is worthy to deliver a better message too, there are chances of going crazy for the site. On the hurry to make website look beautiful, we'll add many images. Remember, these images could be a cause of concern. The load time will increase in parallel to the size of the images included in site.

Trimage Image Compressor

If the image size is large, the site would take much time to load images, which would result in loss of visitors that means a TOTAL LOSS. Image size is a cause that affects the performance of the website. We must make sure that the size of the image will not affect the sites performance worse. Trimage Image Compressor is a tool which helps us to make a deal with the size of the images without compromising its quality.

  • Follow up the instructions to install Trimage Image Compressor,
    sudo apt-get install trimage

Now lets assume we are good to go with our pre requisites installed.

Open the application to the top-left you will see a button with label 'add and compress'. On clicking, it opens up a dialog box to select the images we want to compress. On selecting you will see a loading image next to the file name indicating the file is compressing. When loading image disappears, the app will offer us with the size of image before and after compressing, also the compressed percentage.

Trimage Image Compressor is a handy tool as it helps us manage the image size without affecting the site's performance. There are many other applications with similar purpose, but I felt Trimage Compressor more promising.