How to implement the automatic dropbox upload script to post the back-up file to the sites dropbox

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Dropbox Uploader is a shell script that can be used to upload, download, delete, list files from Dropbox. It's written in BASH scripting language and only needs cURL.

Follow the below steps to create a automatic dropbox uploading script to keep you files secured and portable.

  • First, clone the repository using git (recommended):
    git clone
  • Provide execution permission to the script
    $chmod +x
  • Run the below command after providing the execution permissions
  • Follow the below steps to create the App for the dropbox account.

    This is the first time you run this script.

  1. Open the following URL in your Browser, and log in using your account:
  2. Click on "Create App", then select "Dropbox API app"
  3. Select "Files and datastores"
  4. Now go on with the configuration, choosing the app permissions and access restrictions to your DropBox folder
  5. Enter the "App Name" that you prefer (e.g. MyUploader226172246319943) and click create app.
  • Enter the App key, App secret and App folder Permission type.
  • Now from the above you are given drop box upload permission for the your files and folders.
  • To test your linking with drop box..Please check with the following commands:

    ./ upload /backup.tgz

    ./ delete /

    ./ mkdir /myDir/

Next to add the automatic script to crontab. Crontab is actually a time table consisting of list of cron jobs.

  • Command to list all cron jobs:

    crontab -l

  • Next to add new a new cron job or edit previous cronjobs

    crontab -e

  • Installed new cron job

    0 2 * * * / delete back-up-file.tgz; / upload /latestbackup.tgz tbg-backup

  • The above cron time specifies the cron job should happens every day at 2 am.