How to record and playback a simple test case in selenium IDE

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The testing tool selenium IDE is usually used to develop test cases. It is a Firefox plugin So Our first step is, to install Selenium IDE. For that you can download it from the following place After that 'Selenium IDE' add-on to be installed. You should restart the fire fox browser.

Our next step is to record an application, for that

  1. Click on Tools -> Selenium IDE. A pop up window would be displayed.
  2. window.jpg

  3. Check the red record button is in 'Record mode'. If it is 'OFF' click on red button to record.
  4. Browse your required site, For example Browse and enter a word say 'hello' in the search box and then click on 'search' button.
  5. Recordbutton.jpg

  6. Stop the recording by clicking on the record button.
  7. recordedtest.jpg
    In the 'Table' tab you can see the commands recorded by selenium IDE and in 'Source' tab, it shows the html codes generated by selenium IDE.

  8. To run the recorded test, you should open a new tab window in Firefox and click on the play button in Selenium IDE
  9. playbutton.jpg
    After the test run , the selenium IDE shows the result of that test run.

  10. Save the test case for future use by clicking on File -> Save in IDE