[Drupal] How to apply watermark over the image styles in the configuration settings of Drupal?

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Drupal provides creating an image style in different ways through configuration. Adding a watermark to the image to provide its originality is a must thing needed by the clients. While running in to this we have found out a solution to add a watermark to the image styles.

  • Create a watermark image.
  • Store the image file in to the public file of your drupal site
  • Install ImageCache Actions module.
  • Now go to cofiguration->Media->Image Styles
  • By default drupal provided three image styles. Thumbnail, Medium and Large
  • We can add the watermark to this image styles by click edit
  • There you can find override defaults. Click on it
  • Now you can find select a new effect select box
  • you can find overlay(watermark) option select it
  • There it contains four text boxes x offset, y offset, Opacity and filename
  • X and Y offset indicates the position which the watermark should be placed
  • File name defines the path of the watermark file which we added in the public file
  • The same step you can repeat for creating the new image style

Whatever the image style you can add the watermark to all in the position which you needed and can add different watermarks to different type of image styles