How do you pronounce Zyxware?

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Zyxware is pronounced as "Sixware"

In phonetic notation this is written as


The name was coined by using three common alphabets used for naming variables in mathematics - x, y and z - and merging them with the 'ware' in software or hardware creating a new word that rhymes with both software and hardware. The letters x, y and z are also important in mathematics as the names of the three axes used to define 3 dimensional space.

The name was originally coined in 1997 when 5 friends from College of Engineering Trivandrum, started a partnership under the name 'Zyxware' and got into creating software utilities for the local market. The group expanded to seven later with the addition of two more partners. One of these seven friends (Anoop John) went ahead and registered 'Zyxware Technologies' as a firm in 2006.