Test cases/checklists to check against while testing links on a Drupal site

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You might ponder as to why test a link, or even include it as a test case when there are several other major functionalities to be tested in a Drupal website. Every site, be it Drupal or non-Drupal, contains numerous links, some of which lead to external sites and some that whirl within the site. The 'web' works extensively through links, and it is through links that sites are navigated to and get found. Links are also the underlying indicators for security of a site. So links should be paid attention to and be tested thoroughly. Here are some test cases to help you get started:

Test cases / testing checklists for testing links:

  1. Ensure that upon clicking a link, the user is directed to the required or intended page/part of the website.
  2. Ensure that a cart page link cannot be accessed over HTTP.
  3. Ensure that color of links change after the page is visited once. (This can vary as per the design).
  4. Ensure that the link colour is as per the specification.
  5. Ensure that a hand icon is displayed when mouse pointer is hovered over the link.

Finally, to make a link on your site look well and good, check

  1. Correctness of the words used.
  2. Correctness of the spelling.
  3. Correctness of their positions(alignment).