[The Linux-Ish-Bootiful series - part0001] One Friday Morning at the Terminal - with sl and bb

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STATUATORY WARNING: Get ready to be Terminally Surprised

(and you thought you knew programming?)

It was one normal Friday Morning, and Tingu was thinking of how to spend the rest of her day, when Binny came along with sl and bb to make Tingu's day...

Friday 30 March 2012

Binny: Morning
* Binny has changed the chat topic to "Gibberish"
Tingu: Maarning!
Binny: You wanted to see me yersterday night
Binny: type sudo apt-get install sl and run sl in your terminal
Binny: u will be amazed
Tingu: adippoli!
Tingu: :D Binny: tried it out??
Tingu: first googled
Tingu: then tried out
Tingu: :)
Binny: there are two trains
Tingu: how?
Binny: a smal one and then a big one
Binny: man sl
Binny: sl -l
Tingu: :D
Binny: now type bb [after a sudo apt-get install bb]
Binny: u will be stunned
Tingu: Am I dead? :o
Binny: saw that??
Tingu: yup
Tingu: Binny, you made my day!
Tingu: Linux ish Bootiful!!!

Do try this out!

Installation notes:

Use the following command to install sl and bb in one go, on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install sl bb

Running Notes:

1. You can make your Terminal run in full screen by pressing the F11 key when the window is active.
2. Make sure you have your speaker volume turned up before you run bb. :)


Come back for more of your weekly dose of Linux-Ish-Bootiful, with Tingu. :-)
And Enjoy!


Good Day! ;-)


Tingu :-)