Solving missing files issue when setting up a drupal site without files folder

When you try to set up a local development environment from a drupal dump which includes just the code base and the database without the Drupal files folder you will run into the issue of missing files. Drupal would think that it still has all the files in the Drupal files folder and would create links / process images as usual. This would however lead to a lot of unexpected errors in a lot of unexpected places. If you really do not care about the content in these files and want to recreate the missing files here is how you do this.

[Drupal] How to set destination as the link value in the l(), in case of urls with parameters

October 20, 2015 - 19:15

We can use l() to add links in our Drupal pages. However, while using the output of drupal_get_destination() in the l() as link, it might end up in the wrong functionality. If the drupal_get_destination() returns a url with parameters involved, then using it directly in the l() would cause the link to redirect to the wrong page.

How to use drush to set configuration variables when we set up development environments

October 09, 2015 - 09:53

I was using Domain Access and Domain Variable modules in my project. I have a lot of domain specific variables which have different values on production, staging and development environments. It takes me a lot of time to set these variables with the corresponding staging and development values each time when I reset these environments. So I was thinking of creating a drush command to update all these configuration variables in single step and I did it.

[Drupal] How to integrate Single Page Site module in Drupal site

October 07, 2015 - 17:36

This article covers to the How to integrate Single Page Site module in a Drupal website. Single page site is of one of the newest trends in web designing. It allows you to automatically create a single page from a menu. The single page module will render all contents from the configured menus and links.It will then override the menu links so that they refer to an anchor instead of a new page.

[Drupal] How to find total count of tweets in Drupal site

September 21, 2015 - 12:40

In this article lets checkout how to fetch tweet count for a Drupal website. For this purpose we are using the Count API of twitter. Compared to Facebook on fetching likes and share counts we will notice a little difference. Simplest way to acquire the tweet count is to send request to the below url:

[Drupal] How to implement hook_preprocess_HOOK() function in your custom module?

As the name suggests, a preprocess function is a precursor to a theme function. It runs first, irrespective of the fact that the theme function can also be implemented as a template (.tpl file) rather than a function. Preprocess functions can be implemented in both modules and themes. However, the preprocess implementations from modules run first, and those by themes run only last.