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[Drupal] How to fix Image Loading Issue in Flexi Slider?

March 06, 2015 - 16:08

Flexslider is one of the most popular modules in Drupal to build responsive slideshows. The Drupal flex slider module integrates with flexslider library for creating slideshows. As per user reviews/feedbacks you could notice certain bugs reported mainly cross browser compatibility issues which you may face while integrating this module.

Test cases for honeypot and spam bot on a Drupal sites

Email spamming, in simple words misusing the emails of a website is a common concern today. There are many ways by which this malpractice could be prevented. You might be familiar with 'captcha', one of the method used to prevent spamming. (For test cases for captcha refer:
Drupal provides some modules like Spambot, Honeypot etc for blocking spam.

How to configure ARB in Drupal commerce is payment gateway service allowing users to accept credit cards or other payment mode through websites. It allows users to manage transactions, manage payments on the basis of low-cost without any extra transaction fees. deals with many transactions through payment gateway from simple to complex e-commerce products and reports. The only need by a customer to choose an appropriate API suiting your business and transactions and thereby directly creating an account with

[Drupal] How to add custom contact form using webform module

March 05, 2015 - 19:00

Webform module is a perfect solution, if you are looking for a more complex contact form or multiple feedback forms to add to your Drupal 7 website. This module will enable you to create and manage as many forms as you need. Recently, we had a need to create three different feedback forms for a Drupal website. One of the webforms was a contact form to connect with different contact persons of the company where as, another one was to send enquiries about the products and there was a guest book page to leave feedback. Here is how we achieved all these requirements in one shot using the webform module.

How to test ubercart Paypal-sandbox environment method in a Drupal site - a tester's view ?

Suppose your Drupal projects handles products which can be purchased through online. And you are using Ubercart PayPal and Ubercart Payment modules to handle payments related to purchase. Either registerd or non registered user can buy the product. User can use paypal through two ways. "Can purchase through sandbox environment or Can purchase using credit card". So a tester can test the paypal functionality using both these ways. Here I am going to explain how can you test the purchasing functionality through Sandbox.

[Drupal] How to theme Ubercart shopping cart block in Drupal 7

March 04, 2015 - 10:00

This is a simple and easy way to theme an ubercart shopping cart block in a Drupal site. When we enable ubercart in our Drupal website we will get a block called shopping cart. This block will show us number of items in which are added to cart. When we use our own theme this block may not looks good, but we can theme it in a very easy manner. This article can be useful if you want to theme shopping cart block in Drupal.

[Drupal] [Solved] How to fix the issue with product purchase through ubercart set user-id to (0) in the invoice by

We had faced an issue with invoice sent by, for anonymous purchase a product in ubercart in one of our Drupal 7 site. After the purchase is completed, the user receives an invoice from But if the user is anonymous, the invoice's customer id is set as zero. We had sorted out the issue and fixed it. Read on to know how to solve this problem

[Drupal] How to pull feeds on Drupal websites?

February 26, 2015 - 14:10

While working on Drupal sites, we could come across a requirement to show the contents aggregated from different domains. The content could be a blog of the site, list of recent articles and comments etc. For Aggregating contents into Drupal, feeds system is used. By aggregating the contents we can show the combined collection of data/content from different Drupal sites on one single domain.

What is Globalization Testing?

February 26, 2015 - 11:35

Globalization testing is a type of testing to make sure that software can handle any locale, culture, without breaking the functionality. This testing would be performed using all type of international input and validate whether the software is capable for using all around the world.

[Drupal] How to add a node to a queue programatically in Drupal?

February 26, 2015 - 11:12

Drupal 7 has a contributed module "Nodequeue" which allows users to collect nodes in an arbitrarily ordered list. It provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to manually order any queue. If you want to create a node to the nodequeue programmatically then you need to read this article. For creating you need to have two things: node id $nid and the queue name queue_name. Here how it can done, we firstly load the nodequeue by name and then add the node to the queue using function nodequeue_subqueue_add. Below code snippets adds a node to the queue.

[Drupal] How to change the group manager(Organic groups) in Drupal?

February 25, 2015 - 12:14

To change the group manager of a group usually we search into option as "change group manager" but we dont find it anywhere. Because there is no option within Organic Groups holding such a decription. So we need to think futher and deeper into the concepts of organic groups. This articles tells you simple method to change the group manager of the group.

[Drupal] How to embed an MP3 player on your Drupal website?

February 23, 2015 - 10:44

The article explain how to make mp3 files directly streaming on your website without users having to download the file. To do so I am using contributed module from Drupal that is Soundmanager2 module. It provides the Drupal interaction with the soundmanager2 libraries containing three default player style. Here I am just creating a content type for uploading the mp3 files. By creating a node to this content type we can upload the files and displaying mp3 player will be done by soundmanager2 libraries. For integrating MP3 file in your Drupal 7 , you need download modules and the libraries.

[Drupal] How to collect data about the site during Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 Migration Process?

February 18, 2015 - 16:43

This article describes a checklist on some of the important data to be collected before migration and how to collect the data. This may seem like a trivial task but just like it is important to have a manual for an electronic device before you take it apart and put it back, it is important to have a technical manual of the site. If it is a complex site, with a lot of data, then this is mandatory.