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Zyxware Technologies is a profit making technology company. We are keen to ensure that our operations are ethical and we strive for excellence in our operations which creates a work environment that fosters growth and innovation. We are passionate about making a difference in society and firmly believe that a profit making entity with a vision can make a definitive contribution to effect this change. We are always on the look out for people who value these pursuits. The following are the personal attributes which we value in ourselves and look for in people who are interested in joining us.

  1. A purposeful personal vision: We believe that an individual must have a purposeful personal vision that motivates him or her to go that extra mile. A commitment to that vision gives the person the patience and perseverance to weather the tough times.
  2. Strong analytical abilities: We believe that people should develop an ability to appreciate the context with all its uncertainties and lack of complete information, ability to define problems in those contexts and then go about solving them.
  3. Pursuit of excellence: A keen desire to learn and acquire expertise in their chosen functional areas
  4. Commitment to values: Commitment to fairness, openness and integrity

And then of course, we look for the usual suspects:

  • Communications skills to explain, describe, argue and defend.
  • Team skills to lead, motivate and cooperate
  • Quality consciousness with an obsession for details

Confirmed Full Time Positions Open

Experience: 1+ yrs min
Job Code: CW011507

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Experience: 0 - 2 Years
Job Code: BD021507

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Experience: 3-5 yrs
Job Code: FM011506

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Experience: 0- 2 yrs
Job Code: BA011506

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Experience: 3+ yrs min
Job Code: DE011505

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Experience: 2-5 yrs
Job Code: SE021411

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Experience: 6+ yrs
Job Code: TA011501

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Experience: 2-5 yrs
Job Code: MD011412

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Experience: 5-7 yrs
Job Code: TM011407

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Internships at Zyxware

You can see the list of all our job openings current and past.

How to Apply

If you think that you deserve a place in this company in any of the roles mentioned above or any other role you think you could contribute to, send us your resume and write a one page (A4 ~1000 words) essay on why we should hire you? Tell us about what makes you special and tell us about your track record. If you claim something make sure you prove it too with samples of your work or relevant examples. If you can impress us with your cover letter, expect a call from us. Send your resume to careers at

Online Tests for Development Positions

For all our development positions we have moved to an online testing strategy. Short listed candidates will have to pass a programming test before they come up for face-to-face interviews.