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A large number of Drupal 7 users were looking for a way to create a View of related terms in a block in a Drupal 7 website. If you are facing the same situation in your Drupal site and want to know how to create a View of related terms in a block in a Drupal 7 website then continue reading to find out the steps.

Follow the steps below to create a View of related terms in a block.

  • First create a View as a block
  • After creating the View proceed to add the fields and teasers as required.
  • If you are familiar with Views in Drupal 6 then you have to remember that Arguments are known as "Contextual filters" in Drupal 7
  • Now add the filter: "Content: Has taxonomy term ID"
  • Now configure the filter as follows
    • When filter value is NOT in the URL: -> Provide default value
    • Type: Taxonomy Term ID from URL &
    • Check "Load default filter from node page under that
    • Finally check the boxes of the taxonomy terms you want listed here.
  • Save the View and you should get the block of View related items.
  • However you might notice that the current node will be in the View block and obviously you might want it to be excluded
  • To exlude that current node form the block we need to add the sedcond filter.
  • Click [+] button of the contextual filters section
  • Next select Content:Nid
  • Next set the 'When the filter value is NOT in the URL' to 'Provide default argument'
  • After set the "Default argument type' to 'Content ID from URL'
  • Go to "More" and check the "Exclude" box
  • Save the View
  • You can embed the View in your nodes in your Drupal site.

Hope that helps.

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