Drupal 7

[Drupal] How to integrate Single Page Site module in Drupal site

October 07, 2015 - 17:36

This article covers to the How to integrate Single Page Site module in a Drupal website. Single page site is of one of the newest trends in web designing. It allows you to automatically create a single page from a menu. The single page module will render all contents from the configured menus and links.It will then override the menu links so that they refer to an anchor instead of a new page.

[Drupal] How to join multiple database tables using db_select?

October 01, 2015 - 13:58

Before we discuss on how to to join multiple database tables using db_select in Drupal 7, let me tell you that we can add as many joins as we want and most methods such as, 'fields', 'conditions', joins etc. can be called multiple times. However, one thing may be worth mentioning is that the call to join() needs to be separate. It should not be "chained", meaning that one should use this,

[Drupal] How to wrap two render array elements together?

August 25, 2015 - 16:51

In Drupal 7, when we do customizations we would want the custom module to create content in the form of a render array. We know that a page callback should return a render array which allows the custom module to handle the content as long as possible in the page generation process. Sometimes, wrapping two render array elements together could be an easy way out while dealing with render array manipulations. Here is how we can achieve that.

Theme function VS template file in Drupal 7

August 25, 2015 - 15:50

Drupal offers a variety of ways to implement solutions when it comes to custom theming and it has been abused often due to the very same reason. Choosing the right way is what Drupal developers find tricky. If it is not done right, it is quite likely that you 'Awesome Drupal Website' would turn into a code-monster soon. This can even make maintenance difficult. Hope this 'tiny bit of' information could help you through it.

How to add a theme function in your custom Drupal 7 module?

August 24, 2015 - 18:16

In Drupal 7, a theme function is a PHP function that is used to wrap the output variables with HTML. For adding a theme function in our custom Drupal 7 module, we need to implement hook_theme(). A theme function is prefixed with 'theme_'. However, they can't override existing theme functions. Such functions are invoked using theme() rather than being directly called. Also, they are faster compared to the template (.tpl) file implementations.

[Drupal] How to implement hook_preprocess_HOOK() function in your custom module?

As the name suggests, a preprocess function is a precursor to a theme function. It runs first, irrespective of the fact that the theme function can also be implemented as a template (.tpl file) rather than a function. Preprocess functions can be implemented in both modules and themes. However, the preprocess implementations from modules run first, and those by themes run only last.