Website for Plea for a High Court Bench at the Capital City - Trivandrum

March 27, 2008 - 18:16

The legal fraternity in and around Trivandrum district has been demanding for a high court bench in the capital city of Kerala since 1957. The demand is being supported by all political parties and the ruling Government of Kerala. To further mobilize the campaign the supporters had engaged us to set up a website for the protest. The website is expected to add momentum to the protest.

The supporters had shown us the economical aspect of having a high court bench at Trivandrum. The Government of Kerala spends several crores of rupees in TA for legal personnel for conducting cases at the High Court of Kerala located at Cochin. In addition to the economical aspect other compelling arguments were put forth regarding the demand.

We were convinced about the validity of the economical aspect for sure and decided to show a helping hand for the cause and offered free website development and free hosting for the project. The website for the Campaign for a High Court Bench at Trivandrum is the result of our effort. We have used Drupal to set up the site. We had also developed a custom module that allows visitors of the site to sign an online petition to show support for the cause. We hope to release the module for the Drupal community soon.

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Do I understand that all government related cases will be at Trivandrum when the Bench is established?

If so, it would definitely benefit the common man. The petitioners from all the districts north of Kollam will have a good time conducting cases at Trivandrum. Think of the poor Endosulfan victims of Kasargode being able to visit Trivandrum. And the many others - almost 80% of the population. They would have a chance of seeing Trivandrum , if they want to fight a case against the government.

My suggestion is that all important installations of the State also should be moved to Trivandrum. Energy is the most important thing today. Is it not essential that Idukki dam at least, should be near Pattom Vydyuthi Bhavan, so that Board members and officials need not waste public funds to visit the dam?

What about Vallarpadom, Smart City and the like? Why not move all the Collectorates to Trivandrum for better and quicker governance to benefit the common man? For averting killings at Kannur through immediate intervention, Kannur district might be shifted to near the DGP’s office.

The lawyers in Trivandrum courts are known for their integrity [they even remove and substitute underwear produced in evidence]. The Trivandrum bureaucracy are all descended from Raja Harishchandra. As such , at least for a corruption-free judiciary, we must not have just a Bench, but the High Court itself shifted to Trivandrum. People like Sabarinath who might have bail cases, should not suffer any longer having to brief lawyers in far away Kochi.

All bribe-takers in Trivandrum visit Sabarimala devotedly. They, as well as the Devaswam Board, would find it convenient to have Sabarimala brought to Trivandrum. Finally, if somebody like Karunakaran becomes CM, we might have to shift Guruvayoor also.

The people of the State are being duped to benefit a few incompetent lawyers in Trivandrum.

that was a great comment. tvm pple want everything in tvm. good comment.