Microsoft Anti-piracy Raids in Trivandrum, Kerala - Time to Switch to Linux

December 26, 2007 - 01:06

In a bid to throttle organized piracy and in retaliation to drop in revenues (or rather, failure in achieving targeted sales) from software sales in Kerala, Microsoft Corporation launched aggressive anti-piracy raids in computer assembling stores in Trivandrum, Kollam and Thrissur districts in Kerala. This we think is a right time for those of you who are worried about using pirated software to shell out large chunks of money to buy licensed software or better SWITCH TO UBUNTU :).

At least in Trivandrum the raids were conducted in not-so prominent stores to not really irritate the major players but at the same time give a good warning to everybody in the market. The raids were no joke either. Microsoft officials were accompanied by local police during their Anti-piracy raid. Cases under the Indian Copyright act have been filed against the retailers who were caught red handed with pirated Windows CDs. Cases if proven will result in fines up to Rs. 2,000,000. In response, and as a defensive strategy, all retailers made sure to take out all the evidences of piracy from their stores.

This is the second of such series of raids that Microsoft has done in Kerala. Sooner or later they are going to target the home user also. So if you are using pirated Microsoft software then beware. You only options are
a) To shell out at least Rs. 15,000 for your original Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office licenses or
b) To switch to the free (as in free = zero) and fully licensed world of GNU Linux

If you are a PC owner and has worries about Microsoft catching you by your scruff and are in no way planning to shell out 15,000 rupees for your licensed copies of Microsoft Software then give us a call. We can help you switch to GNU Linux.

Not only do we provide free Linux Installation assistance we give free online support via website and forums. We also can send trained professionals to give you Linux Training at the conveniences of your home for a nominal fees. You can rest assured that you will get all the functionalities that you used to get in Windows including watching movies, listening to songs, browsing internet, chatting online, video conferencing and last but not least gaming.

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Free Linux after Microsoft raid
By Maitreyi Menon

Last week, local police teamed up with Microsoft in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala to conduct raids on two computer dealers selling pirated software. The software pirates were charged under various sections of the IP and Copyright Act. If convicted, they face hefty fines and jail terms.

Piracy is rampant in India, China, Thailand, Philippines and other Asian countries. Some of the biggest names in Indian IT used pirated software for many years before becoming legitimate, mainstream companies. Microsoft, India is aware of some pirated software being used by some big companies in India but has chosen to take a soft, diplomatic approach with the big boys and girls. Settlements are reached behind closed doors.

Dealing with smaller companies and pirates is always more public. The media is taken into confidence when raiding smaller fish. Here the aim is to publicly embarrass and deter other small time operators.

As these Microsoft raids in Kerala receive wide publicity, computer companies in Kerala are trying to promote Linux as a free alternative to expensive Microsoft. Check out how offers Linux to Kerala citizens wanting to stop using pirated Microsoft software.

“In a bid to throttle organized piracy and in retaliation to drop in revenues (or rather, failure in achieving targeted sales) from software sales in Kerala, Microsoft Corporation launched aggressive anti-piracy raid
Call us and get Linux installed on your computer for free.” - website

It's overly simplistic to think that Microsoft are NOT behind these raids at some level or other.
Really - they don't care about anyone or anything except market dominance and profit and would happily see you or I in prison if it served them.
Use Linux - it's just better in everyway.

Please use "illegal copies" or "unlicensed copies" bcoz, i don't know of single incident of piracy in Kerala though a coastal state ;-)
By using unlicensed copies, no body becomes a "pirate"/"looter". If I told my birth date to somebody I wouldn't be loosing that information..or stolen from me. I think Kerala Govt should expand their efforts against illegal proprietary software use so that there will be a deluge of GNU/Linux users and other free/libre operating systems. I hope, from this experience, the hardware assemblers will start preloading GNU/Linux software to users.
Just an issue of inertia..the Live distros these days make running Linux ..a walk in the park..

now it is the time to switch to linux. if raid in Kochi there are everybody in kochi will be trapped. 3000 core is not a big target for microsoft from kerala. so everybody aware if you dont want to be caught switch to gnu-linux ubuntu,fedora,debian,slackware, and other more 300 different distros....
with stunning kde 4.1 and compiz 3d Desktops ....