Debian 5.04 i386 Update DVD

May 18, 2010 - 14:01
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(Release Notes)
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SKU: FS0000390
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3.4 GB
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INR 28.57

With Debian 5.04 release, Debian GNU/Linux updates from X.Org 7.1 to X.Org 7.3 (which includes support of newer hardware) and now includes the desktop environments KDE 3.5.10 and GNOME 2.22. Updates of other desktop applications include Iceweasel (version 3.0.6, which is the unbranded Firefox web browser), Icedove (version, which is the unbranded Thunderbird mail client) as well as upgrades to Evolution 2.22.3, 2.4.1, and Pidgin 2.4.3 (formerly known as Gaim). New Linux kernel 2.6.26 supports more hardware, possible Installation from CD/DVD from within Windows, It is Switched from sysklogd to rsyslog as the syslog collector.

About Debian

Debian GNU/Linux is a free operating system, developed by more than a thousand volunteers from all over the world who collaborate via the Internet. Debian's dedication to Free Software, its non-profit nature, and its open development model make it unique among GNU/Linux distributions. The Debian project's key strengths are its volunteer base, its dedication to the Debian Social Contract, and its commitment to provide the best operating system possible.

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