Absolute Linux 13.1.2 i386 CD

August 03, 2010 - 15:10
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Absolute Linux
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SKU: FS0000483
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INR 19.05

Absolute Linux is a lightweight Slackware-based distribution with IceWM, comes with Google Chrome as the default web browser and a number of security fixes. Absolute is a x86 Linux distribution based upon Slackware. It concentrates on "desktop" use so that it is ready for internet, multimedia, document and general home use out of the box. Absolute is lightweight -- meaning 2 things: that it can run on on older hardware and that the OS interface stays out of your way. It is version-compatible with Slackware so you can use almost any package from the same version of Slack on Absolute. Development libraries (headers) for everything installed are always included, so you can code and/or build almost anything from source.

About Absolute Linux

Chrome replaces Firefox as default browser. Lower memory usage, faster rendering and proper URL parsing all contributed to this decision. Firefox package is still up to date and in CD2 directory of repos under /internet. Also several security-related updates as well as multimedia installer update (needed updated url.) Also updated rox-archiver to handle .deb files (to unpack, not install...) Note the Google-Chrome is a native Absolute build with blacklisting of gecko-mediaplayer plugin REMOVED. This means the plugin works. Was blacklisted by Google coders due to crashing complaints

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