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IT@School GNU Linux 10.04-12 i386 DVD is the new release from the IT@School Project. Main features of this release are as follows. UP School resources, it includes application softwares like Open office, GIMP, Dr. Geo, Rasmol, KEduca, Klab etc., Examination software –to conduct IT practical examination to more than16 lakh students, Handbook for GNU\Linux – prepared as a user manual for working in IT@School GNU\Linux,Training modules in GNU\Linux – to train teachers in open source, Textbook for standard 8th 9th and 10th – Prepared in association with SCERT etc. About IT@School IT@School is a project of Department of General Education, Government of Kerala, setup in 2001, to foster the IT education in schools and which on a longer term would facilitate ICT enabled education in the state. It is the World’s largest simultaneous deployment of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) based ICT education. Its aims are Capacity building of the teaching and the learning community, Infrastructure Upgradation of schools under ICT scheme, Broadband internet connectivity to all schools in the state, Hardware Clinics- first of its kind to repair damaged computers at schools, Unique scheme for electrification of classrooms to fuel ICT enabled education, ICT based Content Development for teachers and students, E-Governance Initiatives in General Education department, School Wiki – to promote collaborative content development, EDUSAT initiatives in the state including ViCTERS educational channel. The target group of IT@School Project is the dynamic group of students, teacher and parents, but primarily the Students. Today after 10 years of operations in the state, IT@School has proven that ICT enabled education could be implemented in the state in a phased manner which would benefits millions of student populace.

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