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Vine Linux
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Haut Bailly
1.9 GB

Vine Linux 6.2 is a general-purpose Japanese Linux distribution with GNOME 2.30 as the default desktop environment: "Vine Linux 6.2 (Haut Bailly). This is Vine Linux version 6 release. Since this is not a commercial version (Vine Linux CR), non-free applications and fonts are not included on the CD/DVD. Instead of proprietary ATOX X/Wnn7/Wnn8/VJE Japanese inputs and Ricoh/Dynacomware fonts, this FTP edition contains Anthy and free TrueType fonts. Vine Linux 6.2 has following features (highlights): update the software collection; update Linux kernel to 3.4.65 (latest LTS kernel); bundle newer software - Firefox 24, Thunderbird 24, LibreOffice 4.1; stability improvements; look and feel improvements; newer hardware support; new user-friendly tools etc..

About Vine Linux

Vine Linux is a supreme Linux distribution with integrated Japanese environment for desktop PCs and notebooks. Project Vine was founded by six members of the Project Japanese Extension (JPE) in 1998 and has been developing Vine Linux with help of many members and volunteers. Vine Seed, the development version of Vine Linux, is a public software repository, which all developers are welcome to join and contribute to. Out-of-the-box Kanji support is available throughout most applications and Japanese input support is provided by either the FreeWnn (or Wnn6 in the commercial "CR" edition) or the Canna input server.

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