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Zyxware releases new Drupal 7 Theme - Business lite - ported from Business lite wordpress theme

We have ported and released another Drupal 7 theme from another popular wordpress theme - Business lite. The Business lite Drupal theme - is now available on You can read more at the home page for Business lite Drupal theme at our free Drupal themes site. As with our other Drupal themes, the theme is released under GPL 2.

Zyxware releases new Drupal 7 Theme - Traction - ported from Traction Wordpress theme

We have ported and released another Drupal 7 theme from another popular wordpress theme - Traction. The Traction Drupal theme - is now available on You can read more at the home page for Traction Drupal theme at our free Drupal themes site. As with our other Drupal themes, the theme is released under GPL 2.

Drupal Checklist - Information to be collected before you migrate your Drupal site from one server to another

When you want to move a Drupal site from one hosting server to another you have to ensure that the site works the same way on the new server as it used to work on the old server. There is no real fool proof way of doing this other than to meticulously document all the custom aspects associated with setting up the site and verifying it on the new server. The following is a checklist of information you have to collect before you move your Drupal site from one server to another.

[SOLVED] JavaScript Error in IE8 - Webpage error details "Message: Invalid argument."

We were testing our newly implemented modal popup for a login functionality. It was working pretty good in Firefox, Opera, and Chrome but not in IE8. When attempts to login by clicking on a login link the login modal was not appearing in IE8. Firebug said nothing, but jquery-1.7.2.min.js in IE showed the following error:

Bulk operations on images in Linux - How to bulk convert PDF files to PNG

One of our clients sent us images they want to put in the website as pdf files. There were 100 files each containing a single image. Opening each of these in gimp and then saving it as pngs was a nightmare. For all such situations, ImageMagick is there for your rescue. With mogrify - a command utility available in the ImageMagick package, bulk converting all these pdf files to png was child's play.

How to exclude directories when backing up a website using tar in Linux

Some times we wish to exclude some files and directories when we try to take backup of a website. With tar it is possible. Use the --exclude option. For example, if you want to exclude .git folder and the imagecache directory inside the files folder, use the command:

tar -zcvf --exclude ".git/*" --exclude ".git" --exclude "sites/default/files/imagecache/*" --exclude "sites/default/files/imagecache" public_html

Tips for creating wireframes with OpenOffice Calc

OpenOffice Calc is surprisingly an excellent tool for creating wireframes. Wireframes can be created very easily in OpenOffice Calc using the standard shapes available from the drawing toolbar and also by merging cells in the sheet. Each sheet can be used to define a single wireframe and then a single spreadsheet document can contain all the wireframes for a given project. OpenOffice Calc also allows you to export the full set of wireframes as a pdf document with one page corresponding to each sheet in the document. Here are some tips to create good wireframes using OpenOffice Calc.

Simple script to pre-warm boost cache on a small site

Boost is a module that allows for static caching on a Drupal site for improving performance for anonymous users. You can read more about how to install and configure boost here. Boost comes with a boost crawler that can crawl your site and refresh the boost cache. Here is a simple script that can be used to refresh the boost cache without enabling the boost crawler.

Debugging Tips: How to debug AJAX requests using Mozilla Firefox and FireBug

June 29, 2012 - 18:58

As the world of internet grows day to day, the more educated and ever-wanting userbase now needs more data asynchronously. They don’t like to wait or load another page to see their data. In such situations we developers need to use more and more AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML - in the development of websites. Using AJAX in your web-development workflow is not that much difficult as you think. There is already a wide range of famous ajax libraries that make handling asynchronous requests easy for us.

How to install and configure Nice Menus module in Drupal 6

Drupal’s Nice Menus Module provides a highly customizable and nice-looking dropdown menu for Drupal websites. To allow maximum customizability, it includes a CSS file and a javascript file where you can try out your own recipes. The following steps should help you make nice looking drop down menus for your Drupal website using the Nice Menus module:

How to install jQueryUI in Drupal 6

Have you ever wondered how that cool site you saw last day had those cool interfaces and you wished your Drupal site could have the same coolness? jQueryUI is your saviour here. jQueryUI is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries out there in the world of web development. jQueryUI allows you to add very cool user interface elements to your website without much effort.

Solution for CKEditor not working in a Drupal 6 site

Solution for CKEditor not working in a Drupal 6 site.

One day, all of a sudden we found out that the CKEditor was not working on our Drupal 6 site. It had literally disappeared from our website taking the whole text area on the edit page with it. This meant that we could not create any articles as long as the CKEditor was not working. On seeing this, the first thoughts that flashed through our head was to either update the module or apply a patch believing that the CKEditor module had crashed. However our fears were unfounded and the solution turned out to be more simple than we expected.

Deployment Checklist for Drupal web application projects

Developing a Drupal website is a complicated and long process. You have to check whether all the design and functionalities meet with the client specifications. And before the site going to be live you have to check certain criteria.These checklists describes the criteria that should be tested before a site going to be live.

Drupal Tips: How to integrate a custom file browser/uploader with CKEditor

CKEditor Module integrates one of the most popular online editors into the Drupal content management system. This module enables you to have a full-featured and customizable WYSIWYG editor in your Drupal website. In Drupal it is easy to install and configure CKEditor from within the Drupal administration panel.

Still having issues with file upload button in ckeditor?
Then follow these steps for a perfect CKEditor installation:

Understanding db_rewrite_sql, node level access permissions and generation of primary links in Drupal

On a Drupal site that came up for some minor alterations recently we came across an issue where some menu links disappeared for anonymous users while they appeared normally for the administrative users. On digging further we came across an issue with an implementation of hook_db_rewrite_sql in a contributed module.