Test Cases

Test cases against Checkout Page while purchasing a product in Drupal website

May 20, 2015 - 19:04

Suppose you have Drupal website where user can purchase product through online. The site allows two types of users such as Registered user and guest user.The site consist of Checkout Process so that customer can enter address details, card details in order to reach the product by hand. Some of the test case against Checkout Page is given below:-

Test cases for honeypot and spam bot on a Drupal sites

Email spamming, in simple words misusing the emails of a website is a common concern today. There are many ways by which this malpractice could be prevented. You might be familiar with 'captcha', one of the method used to prevent spamming. (For test cases for captcha refer: http://www.zyxware.com/articles/3308/websoftware-testing-checklists-capt...).
Drupal provides some modules like Spambot, Honeypot etc for blocking spam.

Purpose of Equivalence Partitioning in testing

February 06, 2015 - 13:03

As test case is the important document for testing, testers use different effective techniques for preparing the same. Equivalence Partitioning or equivalence classes is one of the effective techniques among them. It is a black box testing technique, which focusses mainly on the functionality of a software. Therefore the main aim of equivalence partitioning is to prepare an effective test case which covers the total functionality of an application. In this article, I have included a brief note on Equivalence Partitioning.

Factors to be considered while writing Test Cases

A test case is a step by step procedure to test the functionality and design of a software. Test cases are prepared after reviewing the documents required for developing the software. All the requirements should be thoroughly and comprehensively studied before designing the test cases. A good test case should include all the requirements and cover the complete functionality of the software. The software will be tested by executing the prepared test cases.

Test cases/checklists for Mega menu

January 05, 2015 - 17:47

Navigation Menu bar are intended for helping users navigate through important pages of the website. The navigation menu bar can be customized in different ways. Mega menu is one such customized menu bar, which has got high usability factors compared to traditional navigation menu bars. The main advantage of mega menu is that user can view all options in one area, without scrolling down the content. The user can access the mega menu with just a click or mouse hover thereby saving his/her time.

What is the difference between Test Cases and Test Scenario?

Test cases and Test Scenario are the documents used by the testers to ensure that the application meets the customer requirements. These are the most important documents that the testers prepare prior to testing. Even though the core objective of the documents is the same, there is a difference in their representation. Read on to know more.

Testcases/checklists against User Migration

User migration in web application is the process of migrating all users from one site (development site) to another (live site). Recently I have worked on a project where I got a chance to test user migration. In our project we had developed user migration in a sandbox environment. Following are the test cases for user migration.

Test cases/checklists:

[Drupal Testing] What are the Test Cases to be considered while testing login page in Drupal?

Drupal sites usually have authorized as well as unauthorized users. The privilege of authorized users is that they can access certain pages of the website in addition to the pages that can be accessed by unauthorized users. A user account page/Login page is included in Drupal for those users who wish to access the website as an authenticated user.

Test cases for social network widgets (facebook, twitter and google plus)

The word 'Social Networking site' needs no definition. It plays a major role in helping users to connect with each other. Apart from this, they also plays a crucial role in promoting business (in increasing the traffic to one's site). In this article, we will see all possible test cases for testing a site with social networking implemented.

Test cases/checklists to check against while testing Global Redirect Module on a Drupal site

Global Redirect is a functional module which ensures the correct redirection of users to the alias of a given drupal path, thus avoiding duplicated content from multiple URLs. This is very important for SEO because otherwise search engines will see the same content at the Drupal path as well as at its alias causing it to believe that the site is duplicating content at two different URLs

Test cases/checklists to check against while testing Image upload fields on a Drupal site

Just as for File Upload fields, Image Upload fields are equally prone to hack attempts. They also have additional functionality to do post-upload, such as passing the image through various image processing filters / presets. While testing Image Upload Fields, you have to take into consideration all these points. Here are some test cases to help you test image upload fields on a Drupal site:

Test cases / checklists to check against while testing Roles and User Permissions on a Drupal site

When focusuing on Drupal website development, user roles and permissions are an important way of controlling access to the site. This is more so important when there are multiple individuals besides the website owner who administers the site. Other people can be assigned certain 'roles' which define the kind of access that is to be granted. Basically in Drupal, the Site maintainer and Administrator roles are given all the available permissions and Drupal Administrator role receives all permissions throughout the lifespan of the site. This is not the case for other 'roles', where access within admin permissions and time limits only are granted to users linked to those roles.

[Drupal] What are the test cases to be considered while testing Contact form in Drupal?

A contact form is included with websites mainly with an intention to allow users to communicate with the site administrator, sharing their feedback/messages regarding the website or reaching out to the business owner of the site for services / support. In this article I have covered a set of test cases that can be used to test the Drupal site contact form.

Test cases/checklists to check against while testing links on a Drupal site

You might ponder as to why test a link, or even include it as a test case when there are several other major functionalities to be tested in a Drupal website. Every site, be it Drupal or non-Drupal, contains numerous links, some of which lead to external sites and some that whirl within the site. The 'web' works extensively through links, and it is through links that sites are navigated to and get found. Links are also the underlying indicators for security of a site. So links should be paid attention to and be tested thoroughly. Here are some test cases to help you get started:

Simple steps to improve security on your Drupal site

To ensure the security of confidential data in your Drupal site, testing has to be done to determine whether it protects its data and at the same time maintains its functionality. Web applications are always prone to unauthorized access to or modification of sensitive information. The testing done on the applications to remove such anomalies is called security testing.

SEO test cases to ensure good ranking of your Drupal/Non-Drupal websites

March 30, 2012 - 14:52

Here are some basic SEO tests that you can perform on your Drupal/Non-Drupal website. Whenever a change is made in your site, run these tests for better results and for good SEO ranking.

All these test cases points out to possible problems in the Drupal/Non-Drupal website. The observations and results of these tests can then be passed on to the web developer for updations.