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Special Announcements from Zyxware

Buy from 150+ Top Quality Professional Commercial Drupal Themes

February 12, 2009 - 00:28
Drupal is one of the most popular, stable and beautifully architectured Free Software content management solutions out there in the market. But one of the biggest problems associated with Drupal is in its shortage of beautiful themes like Joomla or Wordpress does. But that is all going to be over. We have for sale around 150 different Drupal themes that are professionally designed and ready to use in your Drupal installation. Check out our Drupal themes and buy. Priced between 50$ and 80$ these themes are a bargain. So make most of this opportunity and buy a beautiful theme for your favorite CMS

Buy SSL Certificates from Zyxware at amazingly low prices

January 27, 2009 - 20:32
We have added SSL Certificates to the list of web based services being sold from Zyxware. You can buy SBS, RapidSSL, GeoTrust and Thawte SSL certificates through us at prices far cheaper than what you can get if you buy directly from them or from other resellers. All these certificating authorities are recognized by 99% of the web browsers in the market. Some of these even come with a guarantee on the level of security that it offers you.

Domain Registration and Renewal Prices Slashed for .biz .in .us and .asia domains

January 27, 2009 - 00:56
If you have been holding off your .us and .biz domain name purchases, now is the perfect time to make those. .us domain registration is going at Rs. 275.00 while .biz domain registration has been slashed to Rs. 250.00. Both these are emerging TLDs that are beginning to find interest among the commercial crowd and it is probably a good time for you to buy your own .biz and .us domains.

Cheap Domain Registry - For Low Cost Domain Names

We are happy to announce the launch of our new website - The site is targeted at international audience and the prices are listed in US Dollars. Currently the system supports payment through VISA/Mastercard/Amex Credit Cards and Paypal accounts. As with all our existing ventures we are continuing with our policy of low prices. We will also continue catering to our Indian customers through our existing domain registration site

Freedom Walk - A walk to claim, ensure and preserve freedom

Millions of people worked hard and even paid with their lives to earn us the freedom we enjoy today. Is our current generation aware of the value of this freedom? From the lack of social and political sensitivity and the lack of activism in our society it might seem that this is not so. It is as if we are devaluing freedom every day. With the commercialisation of almost every sphere of life, most people are not able to find any time to put in effort to fight this alarming trend. Most, but not everybody. At Zyxware, we have decided to focus our efforts to tackle this issue head on.

Zyxware Announces Launch of India's First Freedom Toaster

Zyxware Technologies, today announced that they will be releasing India's first Freedom Toaster in a function to be held at Park Center, Technopark on 1st Sep at 4:30PM. The toaster will be inaugurated by The Hon'ble Minister for Education, Government of Kerala, Shri. M.A. Baby who will also inaugurate the 5-day GNU/Linux Install fest which will be held at the same venue from Sep 1 to Sep 5.

College Website with ready to use Alumni Portal based on Drupal

We have recently completed the development of a Drupal based College Website System. We have also successfully implemented this for one of the prestigious educational institutions in the city. Now we are ready to implement this for any other college/university who wants to have a highly scalable and flexible system at very affordable rates. If you would like us to build your school/college/university website/portal Contact Us

We now accept VISA/Mastercard credit cards for Computer and Laptop Purchases

We are happy to announce that we have tied up with HDFC Bank to offer our customers the ability to pay us using credit cards/debit cards to purchase any of the goods and services offered by Zyxware Technologies. This would include Sales of Computers, Laptops, Computer Accessories and Peripherals, Networking, Software Development, Domains and Hosting Services. You can also pay for our Software and Hardware Services using Credit Cards.

Request your copy of CD/DVD of Free software

We are happy to announce the beta launch of our new public service. You can now request us for any software that is freely available on the internet and which you cannot download on your own because of your bandwidth or time limitations. We will download the software, write the CD/DVD and mail the software to you. As simple as that. The mission of this project is simple - to promote Open Source software among those who have limited internet connectivity. Request your copy of your Favorite Free Software Now

A special thanks to our Customers and Service Providers.

December 31, 2007 - 14:42

Year 2008 is round the corner and year 2007 is almost over. This last year was a very good year for Zyxware Technologies. We have to give our special thanks to our Cusomers and our Service Providers for the wonderful cooperation we have received during 2007. Our customers have been very cooperative and understanding and they also have helped a lot in spreading the word about Zyxware.

Zyxware Domains now accepts VISA/Mastercard/Discover card/American Express

We now accept credit cards at Zyxware Domains. You can purchase your domain, pay for it online and then use your domain as soon as you complete your payments online. In addition to credit card payments you can also make payments by direct deposit, cash, cheque or demand drafts. You can also pay us in advance and buy domains and pay for them from your advance account.

Zyxware Logo and Corporate Motto

November 19, 2007 - 00:22

There are some things about running a company that you never think about until you run one. Some of these might look so insignificant and irrelevant in running a company that you would want to put them in the low priority list. One simple example is the need for a logo and a corporate motto. You can start a company without either of these.