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Sample Lease Agreement

April 12, 2009 - 00:34
For the first time since setting up Zyxware in 2006 we are moving our office and when else do you need a lease agreement other than when you move in to a new place :-). This is a sample of our lease agreement which we had used for our current office and which we will probably be using for our future offices as well. We are sharing this with the rest of the world as per our open documentation policy. Copy and use this sample lease agreement as a template to create yours as you like.


Agreement made on this <Lease Start Date>, between <Landlord Name>, <Landlord Address> (hereinafter referred to as landlord) of the one part and <Tenant Name>, <Tenant Address> (hereinafter referred to as tenant) of the other part


  1. The Landlord agrees to let out and the tenant agrees to take on rent the ground floor portion of the building <Leased Address> for his office along with electrical and sanitary fittings and other accessories fittings and structures (hereinafter called the premises) from <Lease Start Date> at the monthly rent of <Rent Amount> (<Rent Amount in words>) being payable on or before 5th of every month to the Landlord. The period of this agreement shall be twenty four months w.e.f <Lease Start Date>.
  2. The tenant has paid <Advance Amount>(<Advance Amount in words>) as advance amount for the above building and the landlord shall pay this said advance without interest to the tenant at the time of vacating the premises or within 24 months of commencement of this agreement whichever is earlier.
  3. At the termination of the period of tenancy the tenant agrees to surrender to the Landlord the vacant possession of the premises without raising any objection.
  4. This rental agreement can be terminated at any time by three months notice on either side and on such termination the tenant shall surrender the vacant possession of the premises to the Landlord.
  5. If for by any reason the tenant occupies the building for a period that includes part of a month, it is agreed that the rent will be charged on a pro-rated basis for that month.
  6. The landlord shall pay all existing and future taxes, rates and assessments in respect of the lease hold including the municipal or other tax assessed by a local authority on the value of the building or annual letting value of the building and all other rates, taxes and assessments levied by any authority whatsoever.
  7. The tenant shall pay the electricity and water supply charges for the period of time he occupies the premises.
  8. The tenant agrees to leave at the end of tenancy the premises in good condition as they are now, subject to reasonable wear and tear.
  9. The tenant also agreed not to let out the building or a portion of it to anybody else.
  10. The tenant shall not commit any act of waste in the premises.
  11. The tenant also agrees to make any maintenance on the building as mutually agreed upon by the tenant and the landlord and the said expenses shall be adjusted against the rent amount due to the landlord.
  12. It is hereby agreed that the tenant paying the rent hereby reserved, and performing and observing each of the covenants herein contained, may peacefully hold and enjoy the siad building during the lease period without any interruption by the landlord.
  13. The agreement does not cover the property adjoining the premises and the landlord shall be free to take the yield from the property to effect improvements therein and the tenant shall not cause any obstruction for the same.
  14. The landlord shall retain the original of this agreement and the tenant shall retain its duplicate.

WITNESS WHERE OF <Landlord Name>, the landlord and <Tenant Name>, the tenant have affixed their signatures on the <Lease Start Date>

<Landlord Name>

<Tenant Name>


1) <Witeness 1>

2) <Witeness 2>

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Thank you
This is a good format

It is a good draft. Could pls tell me that is there any percentage (say 10%, 20%) limitation for increasing the rent every year?

Useful piece.

When you've signed a lease, don't forget your tenants insurance to protect your possessions!

This was really helpful.
I was asked to pay 1500/- by a broker for making a rental agreement.
This will help me once I get the stamp paper.

this is an excellent draft covering almost all points. It would be more helpful to the landlord who wants to execute rent agreement.

Thanks to the person who drafted.




This agreement of Rental is made and executed at , on by and between:

Owner Name and Address

Hereinafter called The ‘OWNER’ of The One part and in favor of:

Tenant Name and Address

Hereinafter called the ‘TENANT’ of the other part witnessed as follows, Whereas the terms owner and lessee shall mean and include their respective heirs, legal representatives, administrator’s, and assigns etc whereas the tenant has approached with the owner to let-out the schedule premised on rental basis and the owner agrees to let-out the same under the following terms and conditions:-
1. Whereas the Owner agrees to let out the Schedule premises for a monthly Rent /- (Rupees ....) Per Month, and the tenant shall agree to pay the same on every month.
2. The lease will be for a period of 11 (Eleven) Months from the date of this agreement, 11 months after 5% rent will be increasing.
3. Whereas the tenant should not sub-let or under-let the schedule premises to any other person\s without written consent from the owner.
4. Whereas the tenant shall keep the schedule premises in good and tenantable conditions, without any damages if any damages caused by the tenant the mutual amount can be deducted from his security deposit.
5. Whereas the tenant has this day paid a sum of Total Rs. ------------- towards security deposit to the owner before the following witnesses. This amount shall not carry any interest and the same shall be refundable to the tenant at the time of vacating the schedule premises. Tenant had agreed to Repainting and Cleaning charges as One Month Rent should be payable at the time of vacating the schedule premises.
6. Whereas the tenant should use the schedule Premises Residence purpose.
7. Both the Parties can terminate this Agreement By giving two (2) months’ notice in advance.
8. Whereas the tenant hereby agrees to pay the Monthly Rent by on or before 10th of every month of every English Calendar.
9. Whereas Lessee shall pay monthly consumption of electricity charges as per bill every month without fail during the tenancy period.

A Residing at: -------------------------------,. , Consisting of Hall, Kitchen, Two Bed Rooms, Attached Bath Room, with Electricity and Water facilities, R.C.C Roofed bounded at on the building.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF THE ABOVE NAMED Owner and Tenant has approached and affixed their respective signatures to this agreement on the day month and year first above written.


what if one of the tenants vacate the house after 3 months of his/her stay? Will that person get the advance back from the owner or the other tenants would adjust the advance when leaving?

This is the useful information!!All most all the points which are in the rent agreement are mentioned here!!It is really a good lease agreement!!

i have one shoping complex. can you reply what time exatly i ask them for ingrese bulding. shall every year i can? ingrese this...

both drafts above are incorrect or misguiding.
it is better to get the same drafted by the local lawyer.
the document shall be holistic; indigenous; fool-proof; local law abiding.. other formalities of execution; property tax liability; indemnity etc.

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