How to unblock blacklisted IP addresses on a WHM based GNU/Linux server

July 04, 2013 - 00:47

On certain servers, there are chances of our IP addresses getting blocked when we accidentally enter the wrong password multiple times or when we unintentionally try to ssh via the wrong port multiple times. The IP will be blocked for a certain period of time. If you have faced the same issue then read on to know how to block blacklisted IP addresses on a WHM based GNU/Linux server.

Before trying to solve the problem we have to check the following things to identify where we went wrong:

  1. Check whether the username and password you entered is correct
  2. Check whether your passwords have unnecessary spaces.
  3. Check the default ssh-port

Now lets see how to remove the blocked IP from WHM

  1. Login to WHM with the username and password [The funny part about the initial step is that now you won't be able to log into WHM because your IP is blocked, so try from any another connection with a different IP :) ].
  2. After logging in to WHM the next step is to find out the 'Plugins' option. In the 'Plugins' option select 'ConfigServer Security&Firewall'
  3. In this option you will see a list of different features and from this list note the feature titled 'Temporary allow/deny', under this you can see your IP address. To unblock your IP address simply remove that IP from the IP address field.

Now try connecting with your IP address and you should be able to acess it:)

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Thanks for the info.

i am using putty but not working my ip.

This is just what i have been looking for long. Got most of my routers ip blacklisted on whm. I read the tute, logged in the vps and cleared them up. Thanks

It seems this normally happens when you make a change to a website or email on a diffrerent i.p. Either way thanks for the help.

May I know how to remove our IP from the Gmail blacklist? I need to know the reason why I was blacklisted. Here is my blog and I need help to configure a static IP address from Windows 7.