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March 03, 2009 - 23:30
One of the most important aspects of any website is its look and feel. If you create a website that does its job well but does not look good, it is bound to become a failure. On the other hand if you create a exceptionally good looking website which too does its job it is more likely to succeed. Every web application project requires you to design the website. Why spend too much time and effort in doing this when you can go ahead and buy a readily available design. This is what our new website - OSS Themes - offers you.

We have thousands of website templates in our collection. Each one professionally designed and very affordable. Most are in the 40$-70$ range and you would probably save money by buying a theme/template from us instead of sitting and designing your own custom theme/template. In addition to saving money you will be able to ensure customer satisfaction. Add to it the fact that you will be able to offer to your customer multiple options when designing your site. Once the customer picks a design you just need to buy only that specific design.

In addition to the website templates we have themes and templates targeting several of the popular FLOSS and OSS out there. Some of these are We also have Corporate Logos, Flash Intros, Corporate Identity templates and other goodies available on the site. So make the most of it and start buying your themes and templates from

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Joomla! is a Content Management system, which means that it is built to ensure that website pages can easily be maintained and updated. This includes for example, adding new pages or removing pages. This is the main advantage above building a website in straight forward HTML that would normally be the end product of using some type of HTML editor.