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Compaq Presario C747TU Laptop Drivers for Windows XP

February 18, 2008 - 12:14

Presario C747TU is another model laptop in HP-Compaq's notebook product line. Thinking of installing Windows XP in that maching would be a problem, as you would find it difficult the find the drivers for the sameHere we have given all the available drivers for XP. Neither Zyxware nor HP does not give you any guarantee that these driver would work properly as they are not tested for Windows XP. Here are the drivers.

You can either click or copy the given links on to a new browser to download the drivers.

Video Driver:

Chipset Driver:

Realtek RTL8100CL/RTL8110Sb NIC Driver:

Intel Pro Wireless Driver:

BroadCom Wireless Driver:

Synaptics Touchpad Sriver:

HP Help and Support for Microsoft Windows XP :

This model of Presario has an audio controller that supports the high definition audio. You need to have Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio installed on the computer before installing the audio driver.
Here is the link for the Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture Driver that need to be installed before installing the audio driver:

Conexant CX20549-12 High Definition Audio Driver:

1. Click on Start and select Run. Now type devmgmt.msc and press enter.
2. Right click on "Audio device on High Definition Audio Bus" and click Update driver.
3. Select "Install from a list or specific location"
4. Click Next. Then select "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install"
5. Click Next and then select "Sound, video and game controller" from the list.
6. Click Next and then click Have Disk.
7. Click Browse C:\swsetup\sp36090 folder and the double click the V32 folder. Select the .inf file, click open and Continue with the onscreen instructions.

Sarah: Similarly install Modem Drivers:
Conexant CX20548 Modem Driver:

1.Right click on "Modem device on High Definition Audio Bus" and click Update driver.
2. Select "Install from a list or specific location"
3. Click Next. Then select "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install"
4. Click Next and then select "Modem" from the list.
5. Click Next and then click Have Disk.
6. Click Browse C:\swsetup\sp36089 folder and select the .inf (sprtHD5m) file and click open and Continue with the onscreen instructions.

HP Quick Launch Button software download:

Installation Instructions :
1. Download the spXXXXX.EXE file to a directory on your hard drive.
2. Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.
3. Restart the notebook when the installation is complete.

Download these files and save them for back up for future use. Incase you have any queries, feel free to contact us with your queries and suggestions.

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Zyxware Technologies
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Pattom P.O,
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Dear Mr. Manivannan,

I believe your laptop is Presario C734TU. Can you please tell me whether the drivers are working perfectly on your laptop? Did you use drivers from this same page?

Joju Joshua
Team Zyxware

hello manivannan,
i would like to know whether you have got all the driver software including WI-FI for c734tu. if it is so please can you help me by giving the links from where i can get the driver software.

Dear sir,
Currently my model is:
presario c700
Service Tag : C747TU

How can i solve it? my i know the sound card type is it using gigabyte / realteks or..?

Thank you

Dear sir,
I have try the audio but it is not working.. is there anyway to fix it?




Have you tried the link given above? Did you try installing it manually? Also make sure that you have Service Pack 2 Windows XP installed in your machine.
What is the error message that you get?

Joju Joshua
Team Zyxware

i have downloaded all the drivers OF 734 TU but your wireless driver is not working properly so please send me the link for that driver


I believe you should try manually installing the driver for ethernet

Joju Joshua
Team Zyxware


I recently bought a Compaq Presario C747TU and it came preinstalled with
Windows Vista. Like many others i decided to downgrade my system back to
XP Pro SP2. Now, I have downloaded all the necessary drivers and followed
all the necessary steps. Everything is working well even my sound and I
can even access the internet through LAN.

However, my wireless broadband does not seem to exist. The wireless button
is constantly orange in colour and even when i press, it still stays
orange. I have just set up a wireless network at home and I really need
your help on this. Thank you.

More details of my laptop as follows:

s/n CND8053VVY
p/n KK814PA#UUF

Appreciate the help and advice....

Please check the given link for more drivers for your laptop.
Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver
Intel PRO/Wireless Drivers
HP Wireless Assistant
Please let us know what happens

Joju Joshua
Team Zyxware


i have a compaq presario c738tu n/b , i install in windows xp , then i install the drivers . i am facing a problem that the mic of this n/b is not working.
drivers we installed download from your site please help me .

All the links for drivers given here are from HP-Compaq. As these laptops are designed to work with Windows Vista. There is no guarantee that the drivers for XP will work well on this laptop.

Joju Joshua
Team Zyxware

I have c743tu compaq which runs on XP.
I tried installing the driver given in this page but couldn't.
After unzipping the file and when I triend to run the setup
The setup wizzard start and after that there is no furthur screen
and wizzard vanishes. If any has a same problem or does anybody
know the solution. The only problem i have is with my external mic.

I installed all the drivers mentioned above but wireless and Audio is not working in my Laptop.
Please help me and sort out my problem
Thanks N Regards

Dear Sunil,

Did you manually try installing wireless drivers?
Also make sure you have Service Pack 2 installed for Windows XP

Joju Joshua
Team Zyxware

Dear Joju Joshua,
I solved my problem after installing wireless driver from
from where i downloaded the driver , wifi is working fine in my system except that wifi led is still glowing orange!
Best Regards

Dear Mr. Sunil

Thank you for the post. We appreciate your co-operation.

Joju joshua
Team Zyxware

I open the machine and found that model of wireless device on it... i have no idea is it Broadcom or Intel... Any solutions on this matter? I had gotten all but the wireless driver... Thank You...

Generally all wireless adapters are cards inserted in the corresponding slots. If you had opened the laptop, it is easy to identify the make of your wireless adapter. There generally are installed on to the bottom side of the machine.

Joju Joshua
Team Zyxware


I've followed all the steps for installing the audio device but i end up getting a notice saying that my device cannot load. Is there a problem?

Which all devices are showing this errors?
Also try installing them manually.

Joju Joshua
Team Zyxware

I have purchased the C374TU 3 days back i am facing real problem with sound and wireless all else is ok. Why Compaq is really into making customer a real fool. i am really fed-up i have installed each and every driver suggested by HP online chat as well as Zyxware forum and i have now atleast 5 different driver for sound i have driver each driver by formatting my notebook 5 times for each driver one time format and followed the step wise procedure given by online chat people on mail.

i'm wondering if you can help me figure out why i can still hear the audio from the speakers even though an earphone/headset is plugged in...
can someone help me disable the audio from the speaker when an earphone/headset is being used?
another thing, i'm not sure if there's a driver for the mic? because microphone is not working only speaker is working. and wireless always in yellow color after installing any driver
Please help me out i am really fed-up of Hp Compaq notebook now really its really screwing up my life

There are no separate drivers for microphone. The same audio driver controls all kinds of audio activities in the laptop. The latest laptops are designed to work perfectly with Windows Vista. Also the latest hardware are of new version and they require updated/latest drivers. But, the drivers for XP that were given by the company are not updated, because they are not supporting XP any more. So if you ask them for drivers, they will ask you to install alternate drivers and they will provide you another bunch of drivers to try on.
Another option is to install Windows Vista, for which you might have to pay for a license.
The best option which we would like to suggest is to install Linux. All latest flavors of Linux are all the more simple and easy to use and configure. Some good flavors are Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Mandriva Linux, Fedora and so on. These are available free of cost to download from internet. Many people are providing them on CD or DVD media. We are also doing the same. If you are residing in India, you can obtain them from us using our Request CD/DVD Module. All of these should work perfectly on your laptop. You can try out and see. We as a company, are promoting Linux, and especially Ubuntu, as this is one flavor which is easy to configure and use, and the support from global community is excellent.

Joju Joshua

audio driver plz , help me any body have driver or link olz help me

I installed all drivers for xp for C734TU its working fine except wireless lan how to install it manually plz help.

wifi driver show add and remove list but not display wifi icon on tray

I have tried all the maesures above you all had discussed but still the problem which I am facing is very unsusal.
I have already downloaded most of the softwares but of no vain even i have upgraded my bios

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
System Model Compaq Presario C700 Notebook PC
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 22 Stepping 1 GenuineIntel ~1862 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard F.31, 2/29/2008
SMBIOS Version 2.4



Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200GB Network Connection
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915AGB Network Connection
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3965AGB Network Connection
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3965GB Network Connection
Intel(R) Wireless Wifi Link 4965AG
Intel(R) Wireless Wifi Link 4965AGN

and I have almost all the drivers but still not working, please help me out and give me steps to recover my Wifi connection


plz assist on this i need audio drivers for wipro laptop WIVNB7710

Allright, can you guys please help me with out with this problem? I have a Compaq Presario notebook, model no. C754TU. When I bought it, I had issues with the sound since I downgraded to Win XP and I learnt that Compaq made this series specifically for Windows Vista. However I resolved the issues by installing the sound drivers which I searched from the web. I used ordinary speakers with my notebook one day when the power went off and when I tried listening from the notebook speakers no sound came through though sound comes out when I use the headphone. I reinstalled everything and twice but still it isnt working. Sound still comes only from the headphone. So can please anyone help out. I looked everywhere for the solution but still havent found one.Could it be something to do with compability issues or hardware problems?

The drivers I installed are first MSS UAA version and then Conexant High Defintion Audio version 3.47.

Thanking all in advance.

• Not that I have an answer for you.. just chiming in I have the same problem. The front jacks test fine (Headphone Properties Advanced tab test) , so the earbuds I'm using works. But the sounds for applications still come out of the built in speakers, not the earbuds. I would think that plugging in something into the jack would automatically disable the speakers, and enable the jack.

i have some driver pls

Could you please let us know the exact problem you face.
Thank you
Team Zyxware

my laptops model no is WIVNB7710. I have some drivers missing in my laptop. Can you please tell me from where can i download these?
I need:
-802.11 bg WLAN,
-Mass Storage controller,
-Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus,
-SM Bus Controller

The work that you do is amazing.Are you an expert at the Compaq Presario laptops? You are simply outstanding. You have posted the links to the drivers for almost all the versions of the presario. Way to go. Hats off.

please anybody suggest me where i can download the all drivers for compaq preasario c700 laptop..

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