One of the simplest HR issues that a company has to handle is managing leaves. Initially we did not have a fixed leave policy and leaves and holidays were granted on a need basis and on short notice. However as we grew we realized the need for systematizing this to be able to manage and plan our activities and projects. Creating a leave policy might sound easy but we had to put a lot of thought into this. We wanted it to be as flexible as possible but with enough rigidity to have a predictable system.
Company Leave Policy Document v1.0

  • An employee will be entitled to 12 Holidays a year. 3 national holidays (Jan 26th, August 15th and Oct 2nd) and rest 9 days decided by the company.
  • An Employee will be entitled to 12 working days Paid Leave in a year starting from April, this year to March, next year.
  • An employee shall not take Paid Leave for more than 3 days during a quarter during the first two years of employment.
  • Leaves taken, if uninformed, will be calculated first as paid leave (if the employee has got leave quota left for the quarter/year) or as unpaid leave. An employee can decide how does he/she want his/her leave to be processed as.
  • All leaves – unpaid and paid - needs prior approval from the manager. Leave sanctioning authority has the full discretion to refuse, revoke or curtail the leave when required.
  • All Employees are required to submit a leave application to his/her Manager at least 3 days before he/she intends to take leave except in the case of emergencies.
  • In case of emergencies, the manager must be informed as early as possible. All leaves, other than emergencies, informed without sufficient notice will be considered as Un-Paid Leave and will be recorded as 'Absent without Notice'.
  • Deviations with respect to availing leave can be permitted in case of exigency by the Manager.

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